Dom Lever goes IN on Mike Thalassitis and says Jess Shears will never see him again :O

Take a hike, Mike.

Love Island Dom Lever Jess Shears

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The Dom Lever, Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis love triangle feels like it's been going on for about a million years now.

Did they? Didn't they? To be honest, we'd just about accepted we'd never know.

But then, yesterday, Dom revealed that since leaving the Love Island villa his beef with Mike was preeetty serious, and now the togs in our brains are spinning alllll over again.

Yup – apparently the two Love Island lads dislike each other so much that Dom has even banned his girlfriend Jess from seeing Mike.

Hmmm. Now does that sound like something Dom would do if nothing had gone down? We've got our doubts…

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Speaking to The Daily Star, Dom said: "The meeting between me and Mike wasn’t good.

“I told him we’d never be friends. He is a smug person and he’s getting what he wants out of the situation, which is to be in the public eye."

Ooooh Dom. Pulling no punches are ya?!

However, Dom claims that despite his sudden feud with Muggy Mike, he's confident that nothing happened between him and Jess.

“He might stir it with the public, but he wouldn’t stir it with me. He knew I was serious and he wouldn’t p*** me about," he added.

“I asked him to tell me the truth and he told me the same story as her. Jess is tactile and the pictures were twisted. I know that now. We won’t be seeing him again.”

Wowza. It looks like the Love Island reunion party is gonna be a bit awkward then…

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