Donald Trump in Twitter gaffe to end all Twitter gaffes

Donald Trump done goofed


by Joel Golby |
Published on

Donald Trump, a screaming human-sized bollock with the hair of a sad German boy sat errantly upon him, was today embroiled in the Twitter gaffe to end all Twitter gaffes.

Donald — whose mission in life is to turn Scotland into a golf course, then become President of the United States, and then turn that into a golf course — fell into the trap of manually retweeting praise from a fan, as he is apt to do.

Twitter user @feckhead contacted Trump today, saying: “Hi @realDonaldTrump. My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration.Can you pls RT for their memory?” He then attached a picture of ACTUAL FRED AND ROSE WEST.


Donny — who wakes up in a cold sweat each night because he hasn’t seen quite enough evidence that Barack Obama was born in the United States, yet — then blindly retweeted the tweet, because apparently he does not have a social media intern to do it for him. It took 40 minutes before Trump’s lack of high-profile serial killer knowledge was deleted, but the damage had already been done.

At the time of writing, Trump has yet to address the fact that he just tweeted a picture of two notorious murderers. He instead manually retweeting another presumed joker who said America won’t be fixed until Trump is President. Not going to happen now, DonDon. Not going to happen now.

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