Drake spent £500 at Nando’s last night and we totally respect him

That's A LOT of chicken


by Helena Cartwright |
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We love Nando's.

But we think Drakes loves it more.

How do we know that? Well, he reportedly spent over £534.55 on a maaassive order last night.

Now, that’s A LOT of chicken.

After a gig in Leeds last night, he obviously got the late night munchies, as a member of his entourage supposedly went to pick up the big order at around 10.30pm.

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Alongside the chicken, he supposedly ordered a whole load of garlic bread, which was confirmed as a worker there took a picture of the receipt.


While it was good news for Drake, other Nando's-lovers weren’t so thrilled.

Supposedly his massive order held up everyone elses.

And NOBODY wants to wait for their cheeky Nando's.

According to the Metro, a nightclub and events promoter called Paddy Mulcahy posted on Facebook: “Just popped into Nando’s for a pre-sell out meal and we aren’t being served because Drake has ordered £600 worth of chicken wings!”

Drake is currently touring the UK, and will be heading to London next week.

Drake and J-Lo

Before embarking on it, he supposedly broke up with JLo after they had been dating for a couple of months.

Despite having bought her that ,000 bling bling necklace

After all of this talk, we are SO ready for a Friday night Nando's.


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