Drake went to Wimbledon – got mistaken for Craig David

Someone needs their glasses…


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

Poor old Drake – the superstar rapper can’t go anywhere without being mobbed by adoring fans. Or, in this case, being mistaken for someone completely different.

Sports journalist, Ian Abrahams, became an internet sensation when he accidentally mistook Drake for Craig David as he wandered up towards the courts with his burly bodyguard in tow.

Next to the picture of Drake, Ian (god love him) wrote: “Another singer is here today, Craig David”.


People were quick to correct Ian online and he apologised and joked that he really did know who Drake was. In fact, he even claimed to have all of his albums at home.

He’s yet to live it down, however. Sarah-Jane Crawford gave him a tongue in cheek ticking off earlier while lots of other Twitter users ripped him mercilessly.

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