Eamonn Holmes asked Marnie Simpson to get her boobs out on This Morning


Eamonn Holmes

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In news terrible for our evening plans but excellent for our stress levels, Celebrity Big Brother finished last Friday.

The series was so bloody taxing and controversial that it was subject to an actual campaign trying to actually ban it.

They didn't get very far, but we're sure they tried their best.

In a rare non-Stephen Bear related contro moment, Marnie Simpson waggled her tits in Saira Khan's face, which was really awk to watch, but nothing more than an innocent bout of drunken silliness if you ask us.

While appearing on This Morning earlier today, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes quizzed her about the sitch.

Marnie Simpson

Ruth said: "Obviously we can't show it because it's a daytime show, but you flashed at her."

Eamonn then chimed in: "Just show us what you did to her again."


Phillips Schofield wouldn't stand for this nonsense.

It was almost as unsettling as that time he was a real patronising mare to Chloe Khan. We don't think he has a great deal of respect for the CBB girls…

Marnie Simpson

Marnie defended her actions, saying: "When I came out I was really upset because I've seen that people were saying I was a bully. Which is completely not true.

"That’s the last thing I ever wanted to do was offend anyone, it was just supposed to be a harmless joke to lighten the mood because there was a lot of tension in there."

You can say that again, Marns.

Since they got together about five seconds after entering the house, Lewis Bloor and Marnie's relationship has been progressing faster than you can say #LEWNIE.

And they already seem to be planning a holiday together. Lewis tweeted: "Happy and looking forward to some amazing adventures together."


Marnie also posted: "First Date night tonight @lewis_bloor."

We wonder where they went? Some Borehamwood bar? The Sugarhut? TGI Fridays like Gary Beadle and his new girlfriend?

Oh, Lewnie, we REALLY hope you're real <3.

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