Ed Miliband wants to be heat’s Editor-in-chief. WHAT?

TBF, stranger things have happened at the heat office

Ed Miliband

by Ruby Norris |
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Something a little bit odd went down over here at _hea_t hq this morning and we're not entirely sure how to process it.

While we were busy minding our own / all our fave celebs' business we were notified about an interesting development in the future of our well-loved mag.

After the news that George Osborne is stepping in as editor of the Evening Standard, Ed Miliband, politician and former head of the Labour Party, revealed his plans to take over as heat's editor.


He tweeted: "Breaking: I will shortly be announced as editor of heat magazine…."

While this was news to us, never ones to shy away from a new challenge we decided to let Ed know we'd be happy to welcome him into the heat family with open arms.

Not too keen to give up her job just yet, our editor Suzy Cox took this as an application to guest edit.

Some of us just saw this as a ploy for Ed to nab a spot in Torso of the Week.

And then Labour MP Stella Creasy got involved too.


What does this mean for heat? What would Ed say about our obsession with PEEN? Could we be heading in a new political direction? Will heat take on BREXIT?


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