Ed Sheeran breaks silence on the time Princess Beatrice sliced his face with a sword

Ed on that time he nearly lost an eye

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In one of this year's weirder celebrity moments, Princess Beatrice cut open Ed Sheeran's face while trying to knight James Blunt at a party. Now the mop-haired singer has spoken about it at a gig, while performing with the visible scar.

Performing as part of the East Anglia Children's Hospices gala dinner at the National History Museum, Ed's sword-scar was still pretty obvious. So he addressed it:

"It’s nice to be back. I've had a whole year off. I went to Japan for about a month and hung out with Japanese people. Got my face cut open, anyone read about that?"

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Yes Ed. We've all read about it, and we're glad she didn't swing the sword higher otherwise you'd be needing a glass eye. Which you could pull off, sure, but it's not ideal.

For anyone who doesn't yet know (maybe you've been on holiday in Guam for the last week?), this occurred during a dinner whereby Ed and his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn were invited to eat with twenty or so guests. One of them was James Blunt, who joked that he always wanted to be a knight.

Beatrice jokingly said she could arrange it and fetched a ceremonial sword.

A source said: "Everyone was having a great laugh and the joke was very much in keeping with the tone of the whole party.

"James played along with the prank and got down on one knee as he would if he were at Buckingham Palace being honoured by The Queen.

ed sheeran james blunt

"Beatrice, who was in great form, held the sword above him and said 'arise Sir James', just like her nan would at the Palace.

"But she must have misjudged the weight or something and, instead of lightly tapping him on the shoulder, she swung it back, not knowing Ed was standing right behind her.

"A couple of the guests said it could have been worse and he could have been blinded in the eye but Ed really played it down.

"Everyone was totally shocked and apparently Beatrice was very upset.

"But Ed was the perfect gentleman and told her it was just an accident.

"However it became apparent that the wound needed treatment so Ed was taken to hospital. He had to have stitches put in."

There was much speculation after pictures of Ed and his scar circulated on social media. Did he get into a fight with a single-clawed bird? Did he fall on a gardening implement? Did Princess Beatrice do it while dicking about with James Blunt?

Thankfully, we know the truth, and the truth is that nobody was (too badly) hurt. Fingers crossed it heals as quickly as Ed and Beatrice's friendship.

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