Ed Sheeran fan died with a smile on her face seconds after he sung to her in hospital


Ed Sheeran

by Aimee Jakes |
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Ed Sheeran made a dying fan's dream come true after he sung to her in hospital.

Ed Sheeran sung 15-year-old Triona Priestly's favourite song 'Little Bird' down the phone and seconds later she sadly died. Her family said she was smiling as she passed.

Ed Sheeran heard about Triona who was terminally-ill with Cystic Fibrosis in 2014, via a social media campaign called '#SongForTri'

Ed Sheeran

Triona's brother spoke on Ray D'Arcey's show about the devastating time.

'There was myself, my brothers, our partners, my parents, Triona’s godfather, his wife and the hospital staff.

“Triona was in a huge bed, covered with tubes and machines, a little box window ahead of her on top.

'My brother Colm left the room but he returned then and he was on the phone.

'He just says ‘I’m going to put you on loudspeaker quickly’ and clicks it and we hear Ed Sheeran.

'He says: “Hi Triona, I hear you’re a big fan.” He heard that her favourite song is little bird and he begins to play and the guitar comes through.

'He plays the whole song. We tell him very quickly thanks very much and that we have to go.

'We have to hang up on him. It was probably a bit rude at the time.

“The doctor lifts his stethoscope to tell us that her heart has stopped.

“Just in that moment, I can remember a burst of light comes through that window and she’s smiling.

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