Ed Sheeran was “only joking” about his ENORMOUS lion tattoo. WTF.

Look, it's gone!

Ed Sheeran lion tattoo fake

by Maria Vallahis |

We called it! We did call it! Unless this is *another *fake picture posted by Ed Sheeran - we don't know what to believe anymore.

Remember that HUGE lion tattoo Ed "got inked" on his chest? Well, it's FAKE. A big, fat, FAKE. We can't say we're not relieved actually, Ed.

"Was only joking about the lion," wrote the singer next to his snap revealing the lion has disappeared.


Two weeks ago, the *Thinking Out Loud *singer posted a picture of his chest revealing his **"new" tattoo, which looked very artistic, but seemed to outrage fans with how ENORMOUSLY ridiculous it looked.

He had us fooled when he captioned his lion tatt snap: "Halfway and ouch."

And *poof* like magic, it's gone.

Now, the cheeky scamp has shared an image of his BARE chest, clean and ink-free.

The fake tatt.

Why, Ed? Why?

What do you think of Ed's fake tattoo? Should he get it now anyway?

10 Most hated celebrity tattoos:


10 Most hated celebrity tattoos

1. An ex partner's name...
1 of 10

The most commonly removed tattoo is an ex lover's name. This has been exemplified by many, many celebrities, but Katie Price is probably the most ridiculous.She literally had a cross put over her "Pete" ink dedicated to Peter Andre. Then eventualy covered it up with a flower. Probably the better option, eh?

2. Dolphins
2 of 10

Everybody loves dolphins, right? WRONG. David Cameron's wife, Samantha, has the second most hated tatt. #Don'tSaveTheDolphins

3. Misspelt tattoos
3 of 10

Typo tatts are the next most hated, ones like David Beckham's sanskrit number which is supposed to say "Victoria", but actually adds a rogue "h" for no reason. Oops.

4. Barbed wire
4 of 10

Seem's like Chezza's bum tattoo wasn't the only unpopular ink, barbed wire is the 4th most hated by Great Britain

5. Stars
5 of 10

Yep, anyone alive in the 00s pretty much had stars emblazoned on their skin. Rihanna was no different.

5. Butterfly tattoos
6 of 10

Butterfly tattoos were the 5th most likely to get removed, as sported by Mariah Carey and Vanessa Hudgens.

7. Chinese symbol tattoos
7 of 10

Britney has one of these, it's meant to say "mysterious", but actually says "strange". Whoops.

8. The Celtic tattoo
8 of 10

Yep, you guessed it. As worn by Adam Levine.

9. Zodiac tattoo
9 of 10

Which you can also spot behind Rihanna's ear, along with that shiny penny your uncle is always finding behind ears

10. A fairy tattoo
10 of 10

The 10th most hated tattoo is the fairy tattoo, which can be seen on Britney Spears' lower back and Denise Richards' ankle (above).

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