Ed Sheeran’s cousin says school bullies helped Ed become the star he is today

Ed was bullied for being having ginger hair and glasses


by Anna Lewis |
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Things are pretty darn great for Ed Sheeran. He’s one of the biggest-selling musicians today, he gets to duet with mega-stars like Taylor Swift and Beyonce, and he’s got a pretty penny or two under his mattress.

But life wasn’t always so easy for 24-year-old Ed.

Ed’s cousin Jethro Sheeran has opened up to The Sun about Ed’s hellish school days.

Jethro said: “At school he wouldn’t go out as he was bullied for having ginger hair and glasses.

“It was sad for us to see. But while I was out with my mates, he was working on his craft, becoming the incredible songwriter he is today.”

Nowadays it’s people like Noel Gallagher having a go. The Oasis star recently said he “doesn’t want to live in a world where Ed Sheeran can headline Wembley”.

Despite the* Thinking Out Loud* star laughing it off, the nasty comment got to his family.

Jethro said: “His dad was quite upset about that. Some of the family say Ed should be more outspoken. He could tell them, ‘I sell way more records than you’. But if he acted cocky, people wouldn’t like it. It’s not him to be like that. He’s too nice.”

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