Ellie Goulding hits back at lip-sync claims; “I don’t bloody lip-sync!”

Star’s vocals were real, y’all


by Ellen Kerry |
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We can imagine it must be mega annoying to sing your heart out and nail a set only to have the whole lot painted with a giant lip-sync brush. That’s what has happened to Brit singer Ellie Goulding recently and she is naaaht happy about it.

Ellie appeared at a sports event in Melbourne, Australia and during her set experienced technical difficulties. These difficulties were actually a technician’s mistake. The techy pressed play on both Love Me Like You Do and Burn making it look like Goulding was sneakily getting away with not singing live. Which was most definitely NOT the case because, in Ellie’s words, she’d be “terrible” at lip-syncing. And she wasn’t too annoyed about the cock up…


    “I would rather something go wrong than go up there and people think I am this perfect pop star who everything goes right for, and I'm not human, I'm a robot.”

    When her live vocals were questioned Ellie told Nova FM's Smallzy's Surgery,” "When you are asked to perform at a big event... you sing live, your backing singers sing live; they will not allow your band to play live if there's a lot of changeovers and a lot of different artists playing, so a lot of times I've had to sing live and my band mime. That is what we're given... They say, 'Either you do this or you're not playing'. I thought I sang good, I was really happy with my performance."

    Ellie cemented her views on lip-syncing in another interview saying, "I'm not hurt by any accusations of lip-syncing. I don't bloody lip-sync. If I lip-synced I would be terrible at it."

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