‘Who else are you going to get?’: Will.i.am is pleased to have Rita Ora on The Voice, then

will.i.am thinks ri.ta or.a is an acc.ept.able vo.ice u.k ju.dge


by Joel Golby |
Published on

will.i.am — who is actually a sixth former who watched Borat one too many times and decided to launch his own parody character, a robot disguised as an appalling idiot — has confessed that he didn’t even know Cheryl Versini-Fernandez was married, and that new The Voice UK judge Rita Ora was basically the only option for the flagging BBC show. He did this while wearing an asymmetrical leather jacket, so.

“She got married already?” he hip-hopped to the Daily Mail, at the launch of his new Lexus, because someone let will.i.am design a Lexus. “Oh I didn’t even know that!” This is a man who worked with Cheryl Cole on 2008’s* Heartbreaker* and judged alongside her on The X Factor. So still close, then.

And speaking about the announcement that east London’s Rita Ora would be taking up the coveted Kylie bumprints left in her Voice UK judge’s chair, will told The Mirror: “Yeah. She's nice. I like nice people. She's kind and fun, y'know? They don't put their mask on all the time to show you their professional side. Kylie's one of those girls – and so is Rita.”

He added: “If it wasn't Rita, I wouldn't have done it. So I'm happy that it's Rita. Because when Kylie left I was like, 'Who else are you going to get?'” Ringing endorsement. Ringing, ringing endorsement.

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