Emilia Clarke has dramatically changed her IRL hair to match her character’s

Khaleesi, dat you?

Emilia Clarke

by Ruby Norris |
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Game of Thrones superfans will be delighted to hear that Emilia Clark has fully transitioned into her onscreen character Daenerys Targaryen aka Mother Of Dragons aka Khaleesi. Kinda.

The naturally brunette actress has ditched the signature blonde wigs and actually bleached her hair for real.

Taking to Instagram to showcase the new look she shared a snap of a freshly bleached locks, along with the caption: “AAAAHHHHHHH SHHHHIIIII****** 🤢I done did it. Mother of dragons meet Emilia. Emilia meet mother of dragons. If you squint just so you might never know. 🐉⚡️ All hail to the magnificence of @kevalexanderhair and @candicebanks74 the genius creators of 'KHALEESI WIG' (and not forgetting all the hair on game of thrones for 8 glorious years) for at long last making this magical moment a reality. 🙌🔥❤️🏆💃😎👌#khaleesikicksoff#gameofthrones#cominghomeneverfeltsogood".

Khaleesi’s been our hair inspo since roughly 2011 and now that Emilia’s taken the plunge, we’re more than tempted to throw caution to the wind and brave the bleach. We’re just not convinced we’d pull off the whole Mother of Dragons, heir to the Iron Throne look as well as Emilia.


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