Emily Blunt saved Meryl Streep’s life!

It looks like Meryl owes Emily a few more Hollywood movie roles huh?


by Hannah Brimson |
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"This is actually my superhero cape"
"This is actually my superhero cape"

Not only is she a very good actress with lots of designer clothes, a gorge baby daughter Hazel and a lovely husband, Emily Blunt is most definitely not just a pretty face. She revealed on The David Letterman Show on Tuesday night that she actually saved the one and only Meryl Streep's life: "I did save her life. We were rehearsing a scene [for new movie Into The Woods] where she's playing the witch and she's supposed to jump onto the table with a cape and everything. I just saw this thing happen in slow motion...you know when you see something awful happen and it's like the sound cuts out, you know? Meryl Streep's foot got caught in her cape and we just started to watch her slowly topple headfirst towards the concrete floor."

Jeez, this is more dramatic than Corrie.

Emily continued: "[Director] Rob Marshall and James Corden froze, didn't move, and the pregnant woman caught her. I caught her! She owes me. She should play my lowly dressmaker and I should play the Queen of Versailles. She owes me big time. She was tormenting me in The Devil Wears Prada and she's tormenting me in Into The Woods. She's this witch that has cast this horrible spell on our house. I just said 'This is it. You just have to hate me in films.' We couldn't have any other dynamic now."

Emily, do you fancy becoming one of the office First Aiders? We'll be your lowly dressmakers if we can keep some of your cast-offs. And in other news, Meryl is all well and good, but told Emily to "dream on." LOL.

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