Emma Chamberlain: has she quit YouTube?

Tell us it isn't true 😱

Has Emma Chamberlain quit YouTube?

by Daisy Hall |

Emma Chamberlain may only be 20, but since launching her own YouTube channel back in 2017, Emma has amassed 11.3M YouTube subscribers, been named as 'One of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet' by Time, started an award-winning podcast and modelled for Louis Vuitton.

However, despite YouTube kicking off an incredible career, rumours have started swirling that Emma has decided to stop filming videos and quit her channel altogether.

But is it true?

Earlier this year, Emma recorded a special podcast episode called "The truth about YouTube" for her podcast Anything Goes on Spotify to explain the situation.

The episode's description reads, "As most of you guys know youtube has been a major part of my life. it's literally why i am where i am today. but my relationship with it has been rocky, and it's definitely taken a toll on me. so i want to open up about all of it, and talk to you guys about where i see my relationship with youtube in the future, and the things i want to focus on now. and for those of you who have been there since the early days of my channel, i can't thank you enough :)"

During the episode Emma explained her love/hate relationship with the streaming giant saying, "For the past four years, not a week has gone by that I haven't thought about YouTube. It takes a toll on you. When something is that all-consuming, burnout is completely inevitable."

Eventually Emma concluded that her struggles meant that she "had to step back completely. (She) had to step back and heal from the years and years of burnout".

And so, for months Emma didn't upload any YouTube videos and instead chose to focus on her podcast and coffee company as well as taking time for herself.

Emma later admitted that she didn't think she'd be "leaving YouTube for good and it turns out she was right because she's now returned to YouTube.

The social content created returned to YouTube in June with a video titled 'What's good in New York', where she asked people in New York City about their favourite hotspot and then she'd visit them.

Here's hoping she's going to stay active on YouTube because we've all missed her.

Emma Chamberlain's net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Emma's net worth is $12million. We're honestly not surprised because we've binged watched all her YouTube videos so some of her salary is purely from us.

Emma Chamberlain's boyfriend

For the first time EVER, Emma has opened up about her boyfriend Tucker Pillbury.

Emma Chamberlain's tattoos

In one of Emma's Anything Goes podcast episodes she opened up about getting 10 tattoos. Obsessed.

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