Pregnant Emma McVey and boyfriend Gary Beadle furiously hits back at bodyshamers

It’s kicking off on the Instagram comments…

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Gary Beadle and Emma McVey have furiously hit back at bodyshamers on Instagram.

Emma posted a picture of herself sitting on the stairs, and trolls targeted her for being ‘too thin’.

She then hit back in the comments: “Wow. Imagine if I wrote on an obese woman's photo how fat she is and how she needs to stop eating. You clearly don't have a brain to know some people just can't gain weight easily?!

“Some people have a fast metabolism. My baby is healthy and fine, so please don't act like a doctor or tell me what's good and bad for my health until you see what I eat daily. Anyone who knows me actually says they can't believe how much I eat. Shouldn't judge people when you have absolutely no idea.

After the commenter replied explaining she wasn’t making a dig and claiming to be a nurse, Emma wrote: And I'm telling you I definitely eat plenty so who the hell are you to judge? Jump off my high horse, what because someone who is body shaming me can't take it back? As a nurse you should know some people can't put weight on easily so why judge from a photo and act like you know my diet?

Emma also added to another commenter: “I do eat, thanks for body shaming someone who doesn't easily gain weight. Nice of you.”

Her boyfriend Gary Beadle also chimed in, writing to the commenter: “2 can play at that game if your commenting saying she is WAY to skinny then I can have my opinion on you.... I think your a mingmong ... and look like a fucking hamster how does it feel hamster face..”


This isn’t the first time Emma’s been targeted on social media. She recently uploaded a picture of her six-month baby bump, which trolls claimed was too small. Read more here.


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