Emma Watson splits from boyfriend Matthew Janney – now she’s totally free to date Harry Styles

Harry must be on the look-out for a girlfriend. It is December after all...


by Owen Tonks |

‘Tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis also the season Harry Styles gets a new girlfriend.

Yes, Hazza seems to get a brand spanking new lady friend every December and just last week the world totally shipped the One Direction star and actress Emma Watson after they hung out at the British Fashion Awards.

Well, if you wish REALLY hard, ‘Hamma’ could be an actual thing because Emma is reportedly single.

The Harry Potter star is said to have split from her rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney because their work schedules are just too busy. DAMN THOSE CELEBRITY WORK SCHEDULES! Or not, if Hermione is your kind of thing.


The sportsman SLASH student has been off stuffing information into his brain as well as catching balls and Emma has worked on movies such as The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and The Bling Ring.

The couple has been dating for a year and was said to have moved in with each other but they have in fact not shacked up together.

Ah well, if you aren’t planning on bagging Styles, Emma, we’re sure you’ll find someone lovely soon!

GALLERY: Harry Styles' girlfriend history


harry styles' girlfriend history

Felicity Skinner: 2009u20132010
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Harryu2019s first ever girlfriend was Felicity Skinner, who she dated for about a year, long-distance, when they were both 15. She later told a newspaper that she mysteriously stopped hearing from him when he went to X Factor bootcamp, which is quite RUDE, HARRY.

Katie Smith: June '10
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Former X Factor contestant Katie Smith was thought to have been dating (read: they went on one date) Styles back when they were both in bootcamp, when he still wore a beanie over his head and said stuff like u201cI work in a bakery, meu201d. The pair obviously split early doors though, as she appeared on The Voice UK a couple of years later – only this time, she had boyfriend of one-and-a-half years, Harry Jones. She has a type, then. (A type known as u2018boys called Harryu2019.)

Weu2019re pretty sure in the office that Harry got close to at least one of Belle Amie when they were all of the show together, but nobody can remember who. Were you in Belle Amie? Can you remember? CALL US. PLEASE.
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One or more of Belle Amie: September '10

Lucy Horobin: August '11
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Married DJ Lucy Horobin became unmarried DJ Lucy Horobin after a fling with Harry followed a flirty interview with the band back in August 2011. Her husband told the Sunday Mirror: u201cRealising my wife had decided to leave me because she had fallen for a 17-year-old boy, thatu2019s the most embarrassing thing.u201d Chin up, buddy. Chin up.

Caroline Flack: January '12
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Yes well we all know how this one went. He TOUCHED HER NAKED LEGS WHEN HE WAS ONLY 17. We are STILL, even two-or-so years on, absolutely OUTRAGED.

Emma Ostilly: April '12
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Harry and American model Emma Ostilly were caught S-N-O-G-G-I-N-G back in April u201912, which pretty swiftly resulted in her being harassed off of Twitter by Directioners. Twitteru2019s pointless anyway, Emma. Snapchatu2019s the cool one now.

Emily Atack: May '12
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Emily Atack off of The Inbetweeners had a brief thing with Harry back in May 2012, but managed to keep schtum about the whole thing until August u201913. How. How. How did she not tell everyone immediately. How.

Alyssa Reid: July '12
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The Canadian singer-songwriter apparently swapped numbers with Harry at a Radio City Gig in Liverpool back in 2012, but honestly if we started cataloguing every girl who had given Harry her phone number then we are going to be here all day and probably all night, too.

Caggie Dunlop: July '12
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And in the same month Caggie Dunlop was spotted in Harryu2019s Land Rover, which sort of started a precedent for One Direction bandmembers dating Made in Chelsea girls. WHAT. WHAT.Anyway things fizzled out soon after, which pal Millie Manderson attributed to Caggie being basically terrified of the wrath of Directioners. Toughen up, Caggie.

Taylor Swift: December '12
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Harry and Taylor had a brief, rocky relationship which culminated in an almighty fight around the start of New Year. Which was really annoying for us, because their celebrity couple name was really fun to say.

Millie Brady: March '13
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British model Millie Brady apparently hooked up with Harry at a Brit Awards afterparty, but things ended pretty badly when he stood her up for their planned date the weekend after. Which is mental because she is a model.

Shaniece Nesbitt: March '13
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And continuing the theme of u2018girls who have been linked with Harry Styles and then had to delete their Twitter because their @replies column went ballisticu2019, hereu2019s Shaniece Nesbitt, a fan hoiked out of the crowd at a One Direction concert and asked by a burly bodyguard for her number to pass on. The pair were never actually dating, but she still has a handful of Twitter mimic accounts pretending to be her. Weird.

Cara Delevingne: September '13
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Harry and eyebrow-having supermodel Cara have been romantically linked about one hundred million times before, but things looked to be hotting up in September when they were spotted at the theatre together just before London Fashion Week. But then they un-hotted up, because thatu2019s the last we heard of them. Until the next time you are rumoured to be doing it, Hara. Until the next time.

Paige Reifler: October '13
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Some drama that we canu2019t quite get our head around happened in October 2013, when Harry – who was in New York at the time – was pictured in a couple of flirty clinches with (read: being full-on straddled by) model Paige Reifler. But then, as Joseph Heller would say, u2018something happenedu2019, and Harry sent some cryptic tweet all: u201cYou my friend, are not my kind of Pal.u201d So safe to say theyu2019re not doing it any more.

Sjana Earp: October '13
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Harry went on a date with spellcheck-bothering Miranda Kerr-a-like Sjana Earp in October 2013, with the Australian model tweeting to say heu2019d taken her to a nearby drive-thru for Big Macs. Weirdly, that one didnu2019t last long. Take her for a KFC Family Bucket next time, Hazza.

Kendall Jenner: November '13
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Harry was spotted taking Kim Kardashianu2019s sister Kendall Jenner for dinner in November u201913, although this time he opted to speed past the drive-thru and instead go to, like, an actual restaurant. You can read all about who set them up and what Khloe makes of it all in this weeku2019s heat, out November 26.

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