Emma Willis praises Rita Ora’s judging skills on The Voice

Lovely Emma dubbed Kylie's replacement as 'brilliant'

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by Laurence Mozafari |
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Another year, another Christmas, another New Year's Eve, another long month until pay day, another cold January, another month of people being too skint to go out and do fun things. Yep, there's some pretty naff things on the horizon post-Chrimbo season, but there is one shiny beacon on the horizon, and swish beacon with ever-changing hair styles and a singing voice that makes "Black widow, baby" sound a bit like 'Black widdle baby".

We speak, of course, of the new judge on The Voice, Miss Rita Ora. Emma Willis has praised the new judge, who'll be joining series veterans Will.i.am and Tom Jones, along with last year's new addition of 'judge that'll be a bit rocky and wear skinny jeans', Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs.

Speaking to Alan Carr during his Chatty Man Christmas Special, Emma said: "Rita is doing absoloutely brilliantly.

"We've filmed everything up until the knockouts, so I've seen her in full flow - and she's just, you can't imagine trying to replace Kylie [Minogue], and being the person who sits in that chair after her, you would imagine has a very big job on their hands, and Rita's done it seamlessly, and really well.

"She said she was really nervous beforehand, but she went in there, sat in the chair, and she was off and running."

Addressing some of the criticism about previous contestants, who have struggled to attain chart success in the same way X Factor alumni do, Emma explained:

"If you are on The Voice, you have to work bloody hard afterwards to make it happen, and that's why people like Becky Hill, from series one four years ago, is only just now coming through, but I think the talent in phenomenal."

Well, we guess she has to say that doesn't she? Going by their current track record, we can expect something good from 2015's winner of The Voice, sometime around 2019. Imagine that. FOUR YEARS away. By then, Rita Ora probably won't even be famous anymore.

Alan Carr Chatty Man Christmas Special is on Christmas Day, on Channel 4 at 9pm

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