The influencer series: Erim Kaur on creating content, dealing with trolls and starting her own business

The Instagram and YouTube star has opened up about what she ACTUALLY does every day

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Ever wondered what influencers do all day? Every week we're going to be chatting to famous social media influencers to find out exactly what they do on an average day.

This week we spoke to social media content creator Erim Kaur and she opened up about how she got into influencing, creates content and she started her own business.

Name: Erim Kaur


Social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Erim Kaur reveals how she became an influencer

So it turns out that Erim is one of those social media content creators who stumbled into influencing without even meaning to.

"It happened by accident. I was enjoying making connections with other girls that have similar backgrounds to mine, and my page snowballed from there," she explained.

"As my page was growing I was reducing my hours. It’s only when I hit 100k followers and launched my business that I went full time into influencing."

Before Erim started her new career as an influencer she was actually a part-time consultant but nowadays you'll find her on social media and running her haircare business ByErim.

And as for her every day routine? Well it sounds pretty dreamy to us...

A day in the life of Erim

"I usually wake up at 11am, I’m a night owl, and go to bed at 3am," she began.

"My morning routine takes an hour - I shower, pray, eat breakfast, and finally get dressed. I then sit down and do emails and meetings from 12pm - 6pm, and I have my personal trainer sessions in the evenings as a form of stress relief."

However sometimes she mixes things up, "Or I see my friends in the evenings in outdoor spaces. I like to keep my evenings busy because this is when my mind is most active.

"I get home around 11pm, eat some chocolate, unwind, and answer a few ByErim emails to make sure everything is ready for my next day".

As well as running her company, Erim is also an influencer on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube but instead of looking at different trends to create content around, she actually thinks about her audience.

"I don’t like to look too much into what people are already doing/trends, I prefer to focus on my followers and what they would like to see.

"When shooting content, it can be dependent on the weather, my mood, and outfit. I’m quite shy, so I prefer not to shoot in public, which is why a lot of it is shot at home".

Erim reveals her go to editing app

When it comes to taking photos we all love an Instagram filter and Erim is no different, "I love using Splice and I also find that the camera roll effects in my iPhone are super effective."

Erim admitted that when she shoots content she prefers to get as much as she can on the same day, "Because I shoot everything in one day, I try to be as efficient as I can so one TikTok, Instagram post and YouTube video per outfit."

She added, "I only do a few sponsored posts a month, however, I post organically every day across all platforms and my brand page, ByErim.

"I have daily team meetings with my staff to discuss what’s coming up for ByErim - we always have something exciting to work on! I allocate one day a week with my assistant to filming youtube videos, shooting Instagram content, and keeping on top of TikTok trends."

Erim's technique on social media seems to work because not only does she have over 225k Instagram followers but she's also managed to gain over one million views for just one of her Instagram posts alone.

"I do a lot of asian bridal modelling and one of the behind the scenes shoots got over 1.5 million views!"

And another stand out moment for her career was when she became the Pandora ambassador for the UK.

"The day I announced it, I got the most shares I’ve ever had, because the asian community were super supportive for this big moment in my career and the representation."

"Focus on your existing followers as opposed to constantly seeking new followers"

Erim's revealed her tips on getting into influencing and suggested, "Always begin with a purpose.

"Make sure your page represents something that you’re passionate about for example sustainability or slow fashion.

"Mine is always to support girls who have grown up like myself. Your vibe attracts your tribe - I grew up always wanting sisters, and that energy brought me girls who were looking for the same thing.

"I speak so openly about issues within the asian culture, and this has always resonated with my community."

She added, "Focus on your existing followers as opposed to constantly seeking new followers and post consistently and be open to testing and trying new things - you’ll never know what might resonate with your audience."

And it seems that Erim and her followers have a great community together which is one of her favourite things about her job.

"I get to work with and meet so many like minded people, I get the opportunity to represent my community, and work as a consultant within the industry to fight for change and improve Sikh representation," she admitted.

"I have had instances where I’ve had to go to the police"

Unfortunately, like many people, Erim has had her fair share of online trolling but things have gone so far she's had to seek help.

"Trolling can be horrible. I have had instances where I’ve had to go to the police, and I really do believe that platforms such as Instagram could do more with protecting creatives, such as requiring legal ID to be associated with each profile to hold users accountable for the way they behave online."

She then advised for any upcoming influencers, "Make full use of comment filters, and if anyone ever upsets you online, don’t be afraid to block, restrict, delete!"

Erim's haircare company ByErim

When we asked Erim about the most surprising thing that's come from influencing she didn't hesitate with her answer.

"Owning ByErim! I never believed people would buy my hair oil, but now we have sold over 35,000 bottles worldwide.

"I am so grateful to my followers for supporting me on my journey - this is just the beginning."

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Erim's luxury haircare brand has done incredible and she even said, "It's a seven figure business and has sold worldwide".

As for running the company and her influencing career, Erim has 10 people who work across both parts of her job.

"I am super lucky to have such incredible people support me.

"Style of communications is incredibly important. I run businesses, therefore I am super time poor, hence my communications can be quite limited!

"Having an understanding management company is key."

She added, "I am a firm believer of delegation; you can’t be good at everything all the time. Understand your strengths and hire people to cover your weaknesses, whilst empowering them within their role."

As for any career regrets? Erim doesn't have any.

"I wouldn’t change a thing - every job, interaction, and moment that I’ve ever had has brought me to where I am today!"

And as for the rest of her 2021 plans, Erim admitted, "I want to keep pushing for Sikh representation, work on expanding ByErim abroad, and continue getting to know my followers on a personal level."

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