Err… Do the CBB housemates WHATSAPP each other?


Chloe Khan

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We like to imagine that, pre Celebrity Big Brother, the prospective housemates all go into a secret vortex, don’t know anything about what or who’s coming, and that they’re surprised faces and “nice to meet yous” when each person walks down the stairs on launch night is 100% totally completely and utterly genuine.

But Chloe Khan may have just ruined it for us forever, as she’s let slip that she was WHATSAPPING Renee before the show.

Chloe Khan

Did they have some sort of WhatsApp group? WHAT. IS. HAPPENING.

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Speaking to Emma Willis after getting evicted in last night’s show, she was discussing “jealous bitch” (her words, not ours) Renee Graziano.

Chloe Khan

She said: “The exact thing she said to Bear, like ‘let’s make a thing for the show’, she said it to me before on WhatsApp.”

Emma then asked her: “How do you know Bear didn't make that up?” and Chloe replied: “She told me that herself on WhatsApp.”

Chloe Khan


We would have loved to see the producers’ expressions when that came out her mouth.

Chloe rubbed still more salt into the wound later on CBBOTS, saying: "I didn't know Renee before the show. But she Whatsapped me and said we've got the boobs, we've got the ass, so let's go in there and give them a show to remember.

“I was taken aback, like ‘Woah, I'm going in with a psycho'. And then she said the same thing to Bear, 'let's do a show'.”


Sidenote: Lol at Renee’s Whatsapps.

Rylan Clark-Neal made an attempt to rescue the situation by saying: "We just want to clarify that before entering the CBB house all housemates are told that their place is confidential,” he said.

“Big Brother was not aware of any contact between housemates before the show."

We really want to believe you, Ry.

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