Euro WAG wars: Lauryn Goodman will stop at nothing

She's ignoring the backlash as she takes her son Kairo to watch his dad play in the Euros

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Lauryn Goodman has made a promise to her kids that she’ll make sure she always does right by them, despite the drama surrounding her family.

The model flew to Germany with her son Kairo to watch his dad, Kyle Walker, play in the Euros last week, after he’d made a promise to their son during the World Cup in 2022 that he could come and watch him in action.

Lauryn Goodman
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However, since then, Kyle’s wife Annie Kilner has reportedly told Kyle, 34, that he’s not allowed any contact with Lauryn, 33, and the two children he shares with her.

But that didn’t stop a defiant Lauryn from flying over for her little boy. “The way she sees it, her children have the same rights as Kyle’s other kids, and anyone who disagrees needs to re-evaluate their outlook,” a source tells heat. “Kyle chose to have more than one child with Lauryn, and he also wants the best for all of his children.”

Kyle Walker
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Lauryn fell pregnant with Kairo, four, back in 2019, when Kyle and Annie, 32, had briefly split up following reports Kyle had cheated with Ex On The Beach star Laura Brown. Kyle and Annie reunited shortly afterwards and got married in 2022. The couple share four children – Roman, 11, Riaan, seven, Reign, five, and Rezon, two months. Lauryn also has a ten-month-old daughter with Kyle.

Annie Kilner
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“She will stop at nothing to get the best for her children, and Kyle knows that and won’t stop her,” our source continues. “She understands he’s in a tricky position and knows he loves all his children. This won’t be the end of Kyle’s story with Kairo and his sister.”

Lauryn was heartbroken for her son after Kyle failed to send them tickets to fly out to Germany, but was overjoyed when a newspaper offered to take them out instead.

“Lauryn watched the match, so she saw Kyle on the pitch, but outside of that she hasn’t had any contact with him,” our insider adds. “She left five minutes before the game ended, so Kairo wouldn’t get upset at seeing his dad going to greet his other children and not him. She didn’t want to ruin what was a perfect day.

“Lauryn was sat in the block next to Annie, but didn’t see her. She didn’t give it a second thought – she was there for her son, and him only. Lauryn doesn’t want to go through life scoring petty points – the kids and their wellbeing are her core focus. She doesn’t feel as if she needs to ‘back down’, because she doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong.”

Despite Lauryn’s defiance about travelling to Germany, she has faced immense backlash for doing so both online and in the media, with many saying it was the wrong decision and not fair on Annie and her children.

Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner
Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner ©(Photo by Crystal Pix/MB Media/Getty Images)

But Lauryn has decided to ignore the vitriol and has instead been sharing the supportive comments she’s received on Instagram. Posting on her account, she wrote, “We all know how powerful a mother’s fight can be for their little ones. I always have made it clear where I stand with my children. A lot of people would’ve buckled from the pressure of it all, but I can’t and won’t do that to my children.”

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One supportive comment read, “The fact you put yourself in that situation to give him that experience shows the mama you are! Amazing.”

“Kairo should one million per cent be at those games,” a second said.

“I hope you know how amazing you are and how proud you should be.”

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