Everyone dropped the C-bomb pre-watershed last night!

There's something very rude in the water, obviously.

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by Stevie Martin |
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So last night TV lost its mind and dropped the C-bomb on two separate shows pre-watershed. Why? Perhaps it's an alien conspiracy. Or perhaps it's coincidence. Either way, it's quite funny.

Firstly, Bex Fowler over on Eastenders appeared to call Shakil Kazemi a c***, which got everyone in a right tizz.

His brother Kush Kazemi came to visit Martin Fowler's daughter (played by Jasmine Armfield) to persuade her to face the school bullies, who have sent round naked pictures of her and her ex Shakil.

He explained: "Martin didn't send me but if he knew I was here... I'm worried about you.

"It's partly my fault because nothing would've happened if I'd made him delete those pictures."

But then everything got hectic when Bex replied: "Why's everyone calling him the c***? No, because he's the big man isn't he?"

I mean, I know you're upset but WHOA. We must have misheard, because obviously this wouldn't have been written into the script or indeed kept in - but Twitter was as confused as us.

One tweeter said: "Pretty sure they said c*** on eastenders."

Another added: "Did Bex just say this to Kush 'is everyone treating him like a c***' surely not."

Then, in the same evening, ITV News aired a picture that contained the c-bomb hours before the 9pm watershed, at 6.20pm.

Well that's... WELL.

ITV quickly apologised for the screw up, tweeting: "We would like to apologise to any viewers who were offended by a word accidentally broadcast on a painting shown on the programme earlier."

Anyone else excited about what happens tonight?!

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