Everyone thought Tom Jones had died but he’s fine it was just a rumour. PHEW.

Tom Jones trends on Twitter, and fans panic and think he's dead


by Stevie Martin |
Published on

In today's 'someone has started a Twitter rumour that a celebrity has died' news, Tom Jones started trending on Twitter and everyone presumed it mean he was dead, rather than taking two mins to have a Google around and see that, actually, it was because he was doing a gig in Australia. And it was going well, so people were tweeting about it. So sort of the opposite of being dead.

'I see Tom Jones trending and I assume he has died. Don't scare me like that,' tweeted @libertylynx, with another sarkily writing: 'Nice to see that Tom Jones can still trend without dying.'

Thankfully, Tom had no idea about the rumours circulating, because he was too busy ripping it up in Oz - the 74-year-old belted out all the classics including It's Not Unusual, What's New Pussycat, and even did a duet with Ed Sheeran during the finale. So, just to be 100 per cent clear on this: Tom Jones isn't dead, he's having a great time Down Under. And next time someone trends, maybe check before assuming they've passed away, eh Twitter?

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