Ex On the Beach’s Ashley Cain disses Chris Evans’ body – WTF?

Not that Chris Evans.

Ashley Cain

by Georgina Terry |
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*Ex On The Beach'*s Ashley Cain is not shy when it comes to bigging himself up.

But we think he may have bitten off a little more than he chew this time.

He has Captain America's Chris Evans in his sights and he has not held back dissing the actor's physique. Oooh.

"I hope you see this mate because it's taken me f*cking ages to get in your costume," Ashley says in a video for MTV that sees him half-dressed in a Captain America suit.

"You must be a lot smaller than me in real life, or I'm massive because how you filmed in this I don't know."

Aw, he thinks it's actual, real costume that Chris wore in the film. Sweet.

"This is a real six pack, do you get me?" Ash then bellows, cheekily.

Chris must be quaking in his boots.

Ash takes part in the upcoming Ex On The Beach, a series that's already been rocked by controversy.

Charlotte Crosby revealed to heat that Gary Beadle remained filming rather than fly home to be with her when she suffered an ectopic pregnancy with his child.

Not only that, Gaz had a threesome during his time on the show, and slept with Jemma Lucy, Charlotte's sworn enemy, on the first night.

Olivia Walsh, Scotty T's brief squeeze in series four is also back in the show, although she has subsequently started dating a reality TV star that we feel sad about.

Would you like to watch Ashley slag off Chris Evans.You can!

Ex On The Beach starts at 10pm on Tuesday 16 August on MTV.

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