Ex On The Beach star shares TOTALLY NAKED snap

We're blushing here. Blushing!

Holly Rickwood

by Georgina Terry |
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The Ex On The Beach: All Stars lot aren't known for their shy and retiring qualities.

But we have been seeing a whole lotta their naked selves of late.

If it's not Ashley Cain's actual penis, it's Jemma Lucy with her foo out.

Hats off to 'em, we reckon. Or pants off at any rate.


And Holly Rickwood is the latest to join in the trend (is it a trend? Let's go with it in the hope that Stephen Bear joins in next).

You know Holly! She came into the show as the ex of Bear and then had a massive fight with Jemma Lucy after she snogged her ex, David Hawley.

She then went pretty tofu oriental on Hawley when he continued talking to Jemma – even though he wasn't saying anything nice to her – and he decided that he didn't need that kind of drama in his life.

So, why's Holly stripped down to the altogether for her Instagram fans? Normally we might suggest it was because she wasn't getting enough storylines but the incident when Jordan Davies carried her bodily off last night was full lols.

Maybe she just wants to show us her peachy arse.

This is a sort of joke. See?

In other Ex On The Beach news: last night saw Gary Beadle display one of his most hypocritical moments EVER when he branded Jemma a slag (shudder) for sleeping with him.

We can hardly get our heads around it. Did Gaz not get the memo? It's 2016! Women got the vote 88 years ago (all women – not just 30+ poshos). WE'RE EQUALS NOW (lol - if only, eh?)

*Ex On The Beach continues on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV. *

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