Is Ex On The Beach’s Jemma Lucy set to release a sex tape?

It would be SIZZLING.

Jemma Lucy

by Georgina Terry |
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*Ex On The Beach'*s Jemma Lucy is not shy when it comes to getting her buck on for the camera. She banged Gary Beadle on the first night, and had the series' first threesome with Ashley Cain and Olivia Walsh shortly afterwards.

She also claims that Gaz made her cum eight times in one night, and if that is true we are VERY excited about the potential release of a tape from her.

The revelation was made by Jem's Ex OneThe Beach co-star Jess Impiazi, who we are STILL not over leaving the villa early (sob), who was questioned about it by MTV.


Jess said that Jem was the most likely of all her co-stars to release a sex tape as "she loves sex".

Seems fair enough. And it's not like it did Kim Kardashian's career any harm.

Jemma has backed up Jess' claims too, and revealed in a recent Snapchat that was super-heavy on the crazy filters, that she has a very high sex drive.

Jemma used it as a justification for bedding Gary on the first night, but we strongly suspect that her choice of bed mate could be to do with Jem's assertion that Charlotte Crosby "stole her man", David Hawley, early in 2016, when Ex On The Beach was filmed.

"I was put in a situation in a penthouse with someone very attractive, I got drunk and I did get with Gaz," Jemma said.

We'd point out that she could have chosen anyone in the villa to go to the penthouse with her but sure, whatever.

"I probably shouldn’t have. But I have a very high sex drive and, at end of the day, he put his dick in me."

It's like beautiful poetry.

Jemma choosing Gary – Hawley's pal - could also have been a way of attacking her ex as she slept with his best mate, Scotty T, something she admits she did out of spite.

Still, what a sex tape she could release, eh? Our imagination is already in overdrive.

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