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Stephen Bear

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Stephen Bear and Vicky Pattison’s romance stole our hearts in the third series of Ex On The Beach, and we couldn't look away when he got with Lillie Lexie Gregg and then Chloe Khan before winning Celebrity Big Brother. But who exactly is Stephen Bear?

Stephen Bear: who is he? What's his past?

Stephen Bear is a roofer from East London, and an entrepreneur. When we say entrepreneur, we mean he’s launched his own line of merchandise, including an official calendar.

Wait - there's a Stephen Bear calendar?

Oh yes, friends. Feast your eyes on this:

Stephen Bear childhood

Not much is known about Bear's childhood but he has shared this sweet snap of him and his mum. Awww.

Stephen Bear crying

The only time we've seen Bear breakdown was when his mum appeared on CBB's Bit On The Side. She was interviewed by Rylan Clark-Neal inside the house while Bear watched from the garden.

"Keep strong Stephen. You’ve been really entertaining. You've made us laugh and we love you dearly.

Stephen Bear

"We’re really proud of you and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I want to give you a big cuddle and a kiss," she said.

Excuse us, we've got something in our eye.

Stephen Bear dad and family

Bear's mum and dad seemed very supportive of his turn on Celebrity Big Brother, and Chloe Khan even hung out with Pa Bear on an eviction night.

Bear's brother suggested that the family were going to get their own reality show, but it's been a while since we heard any more about that.

Stephen Bear Instagram

You can a snapshot of Bear's life at: stevie_bear.

Stephen Bear naked

Oh yes, he’s partial to the odd nude photo.

Stephen Bear nude

Mate, same. Pretty much.

Would you like to see Stephen Bear's cock and / or penis?

You can! He got it out on Skype and the pictures leaked because of course they did. You can even see him fingering his bumhole if that's your bag.

What? You can see Stephen Bear fingering himself in a Skype video?

If you want to. But it's NSFW - be warned.

Stephen Bear nude video

Yep - go crazy with the above.

Stephen Bear porn video

We wouldn't exactly call it porn, mind.

Stephen Bear bulge

For realsies? Well, OK, you asked for it.

Stephen Bear Twitter

You can follow the madness here: @stephen_bear.

Looks like someone may just have scored some free spicy rice.

Stephen Bear Snapchat name

Stephen’s on Snapchat as bearzy1. In fact, we have every celebrity Snapchat username you could ever need right here.

Stephen Bear's girlfriends

Yep, there have been a fair few celebrity ones. Let's start with:

Stephen Bear and Megan McKenna

They met on Ex On The Beach and for a while Megs couldn't choose between Bear and Jordan Davies. She chose the latter and they went on to become engaged on the show, n'awww. It didn't last.

Stephen Bear Vicky Pattison

Stephen Bear and Vicky Pattison

Bear and Vicky also met on the show, the pair hit it off and had a relationship for seven months. Yet things turned sour, and Vicky was later left seething when it was rumoured her friend Charlotte Dawson performed a sex act on Bear during Ex On The Beach: All Stars. However, being a Loose Women panellist at the time, Vicky kept it subtle, merely commenting on Twitter that there are "snakes everywhere".

Stephen Bear and Lillie Lexie Greg

When Bear and Lillie returned from filming in Thailand, the paps caught plenty of snaps of the pair smooching. While Gaz Beadle’s ex-girlfriend Lillie seemed to be more than pleased (oh, Lillie), not everyone was happy about the couple’s romance.

Vicky Pattison lashed out at Lillie in her column for New!, claiming that she’d acted as an agony aunt for Lillie before the show, “only for her to then go and shag my ex.” Blimey.

Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan

Bear and Chloe's romance blossomed during their time on Celebrity Big Brother, where they got it on in the pool, den and toilet (home of romance). It could have been the greatest love story of our time but, at the time of writing, it seems to be no more.

CBB Chloe Bear
©My 5

Stephen Bear and Renee Graziano

She had the serious hots for him. He seemed to be a little bit terrified of her. They ended up mostly hating each other during CBB. This romance was never meant to be.

Who is Stephen Bear dating?

Mate, your guess is as good as ours RN. He and Jemma Lucy from *Ex On The Beach *have been spied with matching blue hair and seem to have enjoyed some hotel stays together but does that mean anything? It's so hard to tell these days.

Stephen Bear reality TV

Bear's practically an elder statesman of reality TV these days, and has clocked up appearances on at least four...

Stephen Bear Ex On The Beach

Shooting to fame after appearing in the third series, Stephen met Vicky Pattison during the show and swept her off her feet on their first date (literally). While there were a few bumps on the way, including Bear’s revelation that he’d got too hands-on with Ali Drew during a date, the pair walked off into the sunset hand in hand and were happy for a short while.

In Ex On The Beach: All Stars, things got heated (read: blowjob) between Bear and Charlotte Dawson before he bagged another reality star squeeze, Lillie Lexie Greg.

Ex On The Beach 5 Gary and Lillie

Stephen Bear and Celebrity Big Brother

Bear was rumoured to be paid a measly £12,000 for his appearance in CBB summer 2016 and, boy, did he work to earn every penny it. Love him or loathe him, he managed to grab pretty much allllll the airtime through a combination of romance with Chloe Khan, the most awkward moment of television we've ever seen when Lillie went in to confront him, and shouting "RUTHLESS" about every two minutes. And, he won!

Stephen Bear and Shipwrecked

Of course, CBB wasn't Bear's first foray into reality TV. As well as that and two series of Ex On The Beach, we first saw him on our screens in Shipwrecked #gonetoosoon.

Bear in Shipwrecked
Bear in Shipwrecked

Stephen Bear and The Only Way Is Essex

It's a career route that worked for Megan McKenna - EOTB to CBB to TOWIE - and Bear could be following in her footsteps. He even shared a heat story about it, adding fuel to the rumour flames.

Stephen Bear and Love Island

Bear's not been on *Love Island *but CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE IT? Wowzers.

Stephen Bear's tattoos

He's got a shit tonne, including...

Stephen Bear neck tattoo on his neck that for a short time we thought said "Bear Bear" but actually reads "Be The Best". And then there's that hand tattoo.

Stpehen Bear hand tattoo

Bear has a skull tattoo on his hand that he can put over his or another person's face so it looks like they are half flesh / half skull. It's like one of those moustaches people had inked on their fingers until everyone realised they were shit.

Stephen Bear

Stephen Bear IQ

Pfft - who knows? Bright enough to win CBB and be invited back to Ex On The Beach is all we need to know.

Stephen Bear net worth

We mentioned that he apparently pulled in £12,000 for CBB but he's since launched a number of business and is said to be on the road to being a millionaire. Go, Bear!

Stephen Bear lottery win

Apparently he faked a £2 million lottery win three years ago using a Photoshopped BBC news article with the headline: "Roofing Reality Star Reveals Lottery Win". LOL.

Stephen Bear smoking

Boy oh boy that boy loves to smoke.

Stephen Bear fight

He's more of a wind-up merchant than a fighter so we haven't seen him get physical with anyone. Phew.

Stephen Bear birthday

Bear was born on 15 January 1990.

Stephen Bear height

No idea. Let's say 6ft. That's a nice height.

Stephen Bear clothing

Bear was awarded the 'best dressed housemate' prize by his fellow CBB cast. Which was sweet.

Stephen Bear East End clobber

Bear's also launched his own clothing line which we like to imagine is all tight jeans and bright shirts.

Stephen Bear haircut

It changes allllll the time. We're fully expected a full blown pink mullet next. Bear could totally rock that.

Stephen Bear latest news and pictures

We are a bit obsessed with Bear, NGL. Make sure you check heat every day for all the latest on the Marmite star.

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