Ex-Great British Bake Off contestant in bizarre Twitter rant about Paul and Mary

Why, Ruby? WHY?

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

by Georgina Terry |
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If there's one thing we Brits hold sacred, it's Great British Bake Off.

One could flip the bird at the actual Queen, never mind call Prince Harry a sausage, and we'd probably take less offence than if someone dared to question Bake Off.

But someone has done this heinous thing. And not just anyone.

A former contestant.

Ruby Tandoh, a finalist in 2013, has gone on a Twitter rant, and it looks like she refers to Paul Hollywood as a “walking gammon joint” and Mary Berry as a “Victorian relic”.


Oh, Ruby :(

We guess Ruby is hacked off because some idiots think that Nadia and Tamal are only in the final because of political correctness gone mad, rather than because they are cake-making wizards.

But why a slur against the judges would make that better we have no idea.

Ruby was voted the favourite Bake Off contestant ever in a Radio Times poll earlier this year.

Since being on the show, she's published her own cookbook, recorded a documentary for Radio 4 and now writes a weekly recipe column for The Guardian.

So this frankly odd Twitter rant is rather biting the hand that fed her delicious cake and pastry.

Ruby admits that she may regret this. And we think she may have a point.

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