Example poses with his CUTE, CUTE three-month-old baby son Van in FHM



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Who’d have thought that Example would grow up, cut his hair and become a dad? But he has, guys, and this photo shoot proves that fatherhood suits him well, too.

He’s in the new issue of FHM, posing with three-month-old Van, and giving a very protective interview about how much he wants to protect little Van from sex, drugs and violence.

“Everything I went through growing up, like the first fight I had or the drugs and violence with weapons that I saw, I’m looking at this baby and thinking how much I absolutely do not want this to come to him.

“The worries I put my parents through, nearly killing myself multiple times as a teenager with extreme sports or putting the wrong stuff inside my body…

“It really scares me that I might have to go through that with my kid, my precious tiny little bundle.”


Cute. Example, we reckon you’re doing a brilliant job already.

The rapper also spoke about how much he respects his wife, Erin – especially because she took to motherhood "like a duck to water".

“What I found totally nuts was just watching her deal with it like she was running a marathon or something,” Example said.

“She didn’t have any injections or gas, it was all natural, and gave birth standing up. She leant over, picked him up and held him to her chest.

“Three hours later, she’s walking out of the hospital. Ten weeks later, she’s doing a cover shoot for a women’s health magazine.

“I mean, that, it gave me a whole new-found respect for her, a new-found respect for all women. It absolutely made us even closer. It feels like we’re properly together in this, like we’re proper mates.”

GAH! We reckon Example could start giving seminars to confused dads. He says ALL the right things.

This month’s FHM, including the 100 Sexiest Women in the World supplement, is on sale on Thursday 30 April.

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