Exclusive: Charli XCX talks Taylor Swift’s tampons

We're not making this up

Charli XCX

by Georgina Terry |
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Charli XCX, Boom Clap singer and all round good 'un, has been spilling the beans on what it's like to do a show with Taylor actual Swift.

And it sounds as though a day in the life of La Swift is every bit as mega-star as we could hope. There's customised private jets, exotic locations and even tampons. You heard.

Charli explains: “I was in Toronto the other week, doing a show with Taylor Swift… which was, I mean, crazy, like, I can’t even explain it really…

“The whole thing was incredible actually - she flew she out on her jet, which was amazing… and yes her jet that she owns…

This woman has been on Taylor Swift's private jet
This woman has been on Taylor Swift's private jet

“Everything was customised, apart from, there were like tampons in the toilet, which yes I took a couple of them, because I needed them. But unfortunately they weren’t customised.

"I kind of wanted to have ‘Taylor Swift, 1989’ written up the side, which would have been fun for me to insert!"

“Ahhhh what am I saying!!!? …

"She’s amazing by the way, I had so much fun performing with her, she’s really really cool."

So, if you're wondering what to buy Taylor Swift, a woman who probably has almost everything, for Christmas, there's an idea right there.

Customised tampons.

You're welcome.

***Charli XCX will be taking over Julie’s Beats 1 show TONIGHT at 8pm. ***

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