EXCLUSIVE! Neon Jungle are terrified their NAKED PICTURES will be leaked

The girls think people might cash in now they're famous


by Owen Tonks |
Published on

Neon Jungle are worried naked pictures of them are going to surface from before they were famous.

Singers Jess Plummer and Amira McCarthy admit to sharing nude selfies, with Jess regularly sending boob snaps to her friends.

Jess exclusively told heatworld: “I think that’s a normal girl thing. You know when you go to the gym and there’s that one woman who’s always walking about stark naked, that’s me.

“Of course I’d feel really betrayed and I’d never want the pictures to be leaked but it depends what kind of nudes. If you’re just naked walking round your house then whatever, but if it’s like you’re posing with your legs up then that’s bad.”

Her bandmate Asami Zdrenka added: “I think Jess and her friends just send pictures of their boobs to each other. I’ll look at her phone and she’s having a conversation with her friends and there’s just pictures of boobs. Jess is always naked, she’s just a nudist.”

Meanwhile, fellow Neon Jungle star Amira thinks private images being leaked is just a price to pay for spreading them about.

She said: “Obviously everyone’s taken a naked picture of themselves. It’s obviously a scary thing. If you’re sending naked pictures to people then you have to be prepared for the backlash. There will be some guy thinking, ‘Can I get some coins for this?’”

The group's single Can't Stop the Love is released in the UK on December 15 and their album Welcome to the Jungle is out now.

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