Failed your A-Levels? Scotty T has some (terrible) advice for you

We recommend that you don’t take it

Scotty T

by Polly Foreman |
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Eighteen year olds all over the country are likely either celebrating or despairing their A-Level results right now. If you belong to the latter camp, there are loads of reasons why you should remember you'll be totally fine – re-sits, clearing, impromptu edgy AF GAP YAH etc.

But Scotty T has offered possibly the worst path of all these, and reminded those disappointed that they can always sign up for an MTV show.

Scotty T

He tweeted: "Good luck to everyone getting their results tomorrow! Don't worry if all else fails you can always be a knob on tele."

He followed it up with: "Remember, when they say if you fail today you can just go an an mtv show… Well I've got 4 A-Levels so that's a f*cking lie.. Good luck."


TBH, it is 2016 – and that is literally a legitimate career prospect.

But we're not sure youngsters who failed will be quite cheered up by the fact that Scotty, who acts on Geordie Shore as if he can't even read, has FOUR A-LEVELS.

Including an A*s in physics and maths, we should add.

We did a bit of digging (googled it and clicked on the first story), and found out Scotty T went to actual uni and did an actual degree in marine engineering (we're not entirely sure what that is either, but it sounds clever AF). He then dropped out after two years to star in Geordie Shore, 'cos 2012.

In other completely bizarre and unexpected Scotty T related news, he was recently FLIRTING with CBB's Chloe Khan.

He tweeted her saying: "@Chloekhanxxx alreet kid what’s your whatsapp?"

But we don’t think he had a whole lot of luck, as Chloe was spotted at the eviction show earlier this week with Stephen Bear's name ON HER FACE while cosying up to HIS ACTUAL DAD.

Chloe Khan

Weird week, this one.

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