The ‘sensitive subject’ Faye Winter will ‘never’ speak about

The normally outspoken Love Island star has vowed to never address the issue

Faye Winter skincare

by Nathan Katnoria |

Faye Winter rose to fame last summer as one of Love Island’s fieriest contestants of all time and is usually known for her outspoken opinions about, well, everything. However, the former lettings agent has revealed there is one topic she refuses to talk about.

She opened up during a recent Q&A with fans on Instagram, admitting that she finds the subject too “sensitive” to discuss.

When of her followers asked her to share her skincare routine, Faye insisted she will never offer skincare advice due to her battle with acne in previous years.

Faye Winter skincare
©Instagram/Faye Winter

Faye told fans, “I actually won’t talk about skincare. It’s the one thing I won’t speak about because I’ve been on such a journey with my skin, such bad acne, and what will work for me won’t work for you so I just don’t think it’s something that I want to try and give advice on.”

She added, “I still suffer really badly with bacne – I call it bacne – my mates, spots on my back. I don’t even like Teddy looking at my back.

“It’s such a sensitive subject for me. I just don’t really want to go into it.”

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Faye Winter and Teddy Soares feud

Following the Mad Movies challenge that showed Teddy talking to Casa Amor bombshell Clarisse Juliette, Faye Winter was left furious. For the majority of the following episode, that was an hour-long, Faye was shouting at Teddy, Matthew MacNabb and even Dale Mehmet. As a result of the showdown, Ofcom received a record number of 24,763 complaints from viewers.

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After having her lip fillers dissolved at the end of last year, Faye admitted that her previous cosmetic procedures had “all gone wrong” as she opened up about how having Botox injected into her forehead had caused her eyebrows to drop.

She said, “When I went into the villa, I had the Botox done which dropped both my eyebrows like this which is what you guys would have seen.”

Faye added, “Bad sh-t actually happens with Botox… and filler. I should know. It’s all gone wrong for me in the past, but let’s talk about it.”

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Back in November, Faye told fans she was “terrified” of the results of having her plump pout reversed after admitting on Love Island that her lips looked like “an 80-year-old man’s ball sack” when she had her fillers dissolved in the past.

However, Faye needed to get rid of her fillers once again after she was injured during the Snog, Marry Pie challenge in the villa.

“As you’re aware, one side is bigger than the other and that happened due to a lovely challenge in the villa. And I’ve got the lump underneath as well from it which I never had before,” she said.

Faye didn’t go filler-free for long though as she admitted she was booked in to have them refilled the following week. “So I’m going to get them all dissolved and have my natural lips which I’ve not seen for years, and then have them refilled next week,” she said at the time.

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