Who is Ferne McCann’s press-shy ex boyfriend Albie Gibbs?

They split during lockdown one

Ferne McCann

by Katie Holloway |

She revealed she was in a new relationship last year, but just weeks later Ferne McCann was regretting gushing over her new man Albie Gibbs, as he wasn't too happy about finding himself in the spotlight.

“Albie wasn’t impressed that Ferne ‘outed’ him and doesn’t want his life not to be his own,” a source tells heat. “He was very happy being in the background and he feels there’s more attention on him now.”

Here's everything you need to know about Ferne McCann's ex.

Who is Albie Gibbs?

Good question? The former couple split over the fact that Albie was reluctant to join Ferne in the spotlight, and as such we don't know much about him, other than he's a 26 year old city trader.

Albie Gibbs Twitter
He's notoriously camera shy ©Twitter

Why did Ferne McCann and Albie Gibbs break up?

Ferne told Closer back in April last year, “I talk about him loads, but he doesn’t want to be in the public eye and I respect that. He has a professional job and he’s not about the [celebrity] life, but I told him you’ve also got to understand that your girlfriend is in the public eye, so we’ve had to find a compromise.”

A month later, Ferne admitted on her reality series, First Time Mum, that the pair had split.

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Was Albie Gibbs on TOWIE?

Ferne had long since left the cast of TOWIE by the time she and Albie first met in 2018, and with Albie notoriously camera shy, he was never going to make his TOWIE debut. The couple were dating while Ferne was filming the second series of First Time Mum, and while she spoke about him a lot, we never saw him make an appearance.

Who is Ferne McCann's boyfriend?

Since splitting from Albie, Ferne has gone official with her new beau Jack Padgett, who she recently went on holiday to South Africa with.

Back in January she opened up exclusively to Closer about walking down the aisle, telling us, "I'm a sucker for love."

"I can’t wait to settle down," she said. "I’m definitely up for having more babies and running off into the sunset with my new husband.


Ferne McCann’s plan to get a new man

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