Ferne McCann on Sam Faiers’ Baby Diaries: ‘Paul Knightley kisses his mum on the lips every day’

Sam’s best mate speaks out about that slightly awkward kiss…

ferne mccann

by Anna Lewis |

It was supposed to be a documentary about how Sam Faiers was dealing with new motherhood – but, as The Baby Diaries aired last week, all anyone could talk about was her boyfriend Paul Knightley’s “controlling” behaviour and that lingering kiss between Paul and his mum Gaynor. Ex-TOWIE star Sam later tweeted a picture of her kissing her baby, also called Paul, vowing to kiss him “on the lips forever”, but when we caught up with Sam’s mate Ferne McCann last week, we had to know more.

sam faiers paul knightley

“It was a moment that was intimate and so real,” says Ferne. “That’s just normal to him and you have to accept that. He said he’s kissed his mum on the lips every day for his entire life. I went to their house last night for dinner. Paul is very particular and people think he is controlling, but he’s really just a typical bloke.”

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