Ferne McCann HITS BACK AT THE HATERZ over her cosmetic surgery

The ex-TOWIE star is over the moon with her recent rhinoplasty

ferne mccann

by Emma Dodds |
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Ferne McCann is literally loving life at the moment.

Her recent nose job has given her a MASSIVE confidence boost – and she looked AMAZING on a recent photoshoot in Mykonos last week.

Ferne announced that she'd had the nose job on This Morning on Monday 15 August, and since then some people have gone a bit nuts with criticism.

She spoke exclusively to heat about the aftermath of her This Morning appearance, and said that public reaction had generally been better than she expected.

"I think [on This Morning] people saw a different side to me, in terms of my childhood and teenage years and why I decided to get it done. There were no real nasty reactions."

You can see Ferne's new nose profile in this photo she uploaded to her Instagram account.


But there were some negative reactions – including from Ferne's dad…

"My dad was disappointed I'd had it done. It’s tough because they feel like I should embrace who I am and I’ve always represented that and still do. My weight fluctuates all the time, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to book into liposuction."

She went on to say how important this was to her: "People will understand if they have a really bad insecurity – but I look in the mirror and this is how I feel like I should’ve always looked.

"I don’t look that much different – I feel like this is the face I should’ve always had and what makes me ultimately happy.

"The lump on my nose was a personal thing to me. If people are disappointed in me, I’m sorry, but I’ve not done it for them. I still have my insecurities and parts of my body I’m not 100 per cent with, but I feel so empowered.

"It’s crazy because I feel like I can be my total self now. When I had this unusual nose, I always felt a bit awkward and like I had to be a bit more glam to make it look acceptable, to make me feel more sexy. Now I feel like I can rock mad, crazy hair and wear what I want."

N'aww, you always could in our eyes, Ferne!

And she has words of wisdom to share on the whole thing: "The thing I need to stress is I’m not promoting or advocating plastic surgery – it’s not the first option for anything. This has been such a considered decision, I’ve waited until I’m 26."

Read the whole interview and see the exclusive pictures in this week's heat – out now.


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