Fifth Harmony’s Twitter takeover was basically the worst thing that’s ever happened

Someone find them a new social media adviser, stat


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Back in our day, when all this were fields, the only way you could get close to your beloved favourite band or celebrity was to watch them on Top Of The Pops, or occasionally sneak kisses to the picture you secretly kept under your mattress.

Now it’s all Twitter and Instagram and Vine and WE FEEL REALLY OLD but also, the lines between fan and follower have blurred massively.

That’s why, when Fifth Harmony decided to do a Twitter takeover yesterday, they maybe should have checked the mood before going ahead – because it was a TOTAL disaster.

The girlband have had to cancel numourous gigs and appearances over the last few weeks, and fans have got the right hump about how much the girls are charging for meet and greets.

They even pulled out of their scheduled Billboard Music Awards performance on Sunday night, citing concerns with the lack of rehearsal time they’d had.

Then everyone got a bit upset:

A bit snappy:

A bit… murderous?

Sheesh. Anyway, we reckon that’s probably put paid to any future Twitter interactions from the band for the forseeable.

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