The first Fifty Shades of Grey marriage proposal is here

This girl went to see Fifty Shades - and got ENGAGED!


by Lauren Smith |
Published on

What do you expect to get when you go to see Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema? A lady boner? Partial deafness from the ear-splitting screaming every time Jamie takes his top off? A cringe attack from some of the book's cheesier lines?

Whatever your expectations of the film are, we bet you wouldn't expect to get a PROPOSAL out of your trip to the cinema. After all, vaginal clamps and flogging don't really scream soppy romance for most people.


But it turns out for one couple, the film WAS the perfect scene for popping the question. The groom-to-be in question filmed a kind of cute proposal video asking his girlfriend to marry him, and asked the cinema to show it during the trailers, while his girlfriend was sitting in the audience.

She was then filmed while she watched the trailers - and TOTALLY teared up (along with the rest of the audience) when she saw the proposal on screen! Luckily, she also said yes, otherwise things could have got VERY awkward. The couple then settled down to watch the spank-fest, and we assume both their inner goddess were twirling at the news.

The video is pretty sweet, but what we REALLY want to know is, what's next for these Fifty Shades mega fans? Will there be an S&M-themed wedding? Will the groom wear a grey tie? Will the bride say "holy crap" once the deed is done? Will nipple clamps and lube feature as wedding favours? Only time will tell.

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