First date from hell? Robbie was ‘clucking like a chicken’ on night he met wife Ayda


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We've all had bad first dates. You know how it is. They turn up late, they're weirdly obsessed with their man bag, they don't like dogs...

But it's possible Robbie Williams has put all bad first date stories to shame with his revelations about the night he first met wife Ayda Field.

Ayda apparently wasn't put off by Robbie's 'clucking' (CREDIT: Instagram/RobbieWilliams) ©Instagram/RobbieWilliams

In a forthcoming biography appropriately called 'Reveal' written by Chris Heath, the former Take That star is pretty candid about their very odd first date, but also about the scale of his drug taking at the time.

The Sun has printed an extract from the book and it goes into detail about his first meeting with Ayda who he had been introduced to by a mutual friend.

They had arranged for Ayda to come to his house after a party she was attending earlier in the evening but before her arrival Robbie took 'a bunch of pills'. You can see where this might be going.

Robbie and Ayda are now married with two children (CREDIT: Instagram/AydaFieldWilliams) ©Instagram/AydaFieldWilliams

When the actress did arrive, Robbie decided to take her back to the party and he basically went in hard!

He confessed: "So I got tucked into a lot of drugs. Anyway, I took a turn for the worse, because I started to cluck like a chicken.

"So I was in the Jacuzzi with a very, very hot girl (Ayda) in Hollywood doing a Hollywood thing, but then I got ill, started to cluck, had to leave, embarrassingly."

Clucking like a chicken is a new one on us and we're not sure we'd have been back for a second date after his famyard impression.

Robbie with Theodora when she was a baby (CREDIT: Instagram/RobbieWilliams) ©Instagram/RobbieWilliams

Thankfully for Robbie, however, Ayda wasn't put off and she actually moved in with the singer and took care of him for the three weeks immediately after the jacuzzi 'incident'. So it was more like a three week date in reality!

Robbie and Ayda got married in 2010 and now have two children, Theodora Rose Williams, four, and Charlton Valentine Williams, two.

It just goes to show, first impressions don't always count and for that we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

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