FKA twigs poses totally naked in the bath (save for her engagement ring)

We keep our jewellery on in the bath too

FKA twigs

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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FKA twigs was busy having a lovely, quiet bath with her favourite scented Radox bubble bath (which is lavender and water lily, if you must know. Lavender is NOT just for old ladies). And then it was RUINED.

Because in walked her clumsy stylist.

“I need to take a photo of that dodgy light fitting to send to the landlord,” she said.

But instead of snapping a picture of the broken light, she accidentally snapped twigs looking all cute and bubbly. D’OH.

How annoying. We know how annoying it is when someone kicks you out of the bath, mid-Whitney Houston album.

But, hang on - you reckon this might have been a totally contrived photo? Oh. You totally had us fooled, twigs.

Whatever, we’re just concerned with the fact that twigs is wearing a sparkling ring on her ring finger. YES, IT’S SMALL, BUT IT’S THERE.

Check out the ring

She also wore a big old rock on her ring finger on the red carpet at a Swarovski event on Tuesday.

Earlier this month it was reported in People that Robert Pattison had proposed to the singer.

"He wants to marry her," a pal said. "They are inseparable when they are together. They live at his house."

Well, we’d hope he wants to marry her if he’s proposed, but couples CAN be weird sometimes.

We hope R-Patz understands the rules with twigs and her bubble baths. Just sayin’.

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