This Friends fan theory will seriously mess with your head

What even is life anymore?!


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This Friends fan theory will seriously screw with your head

What even is life anymore…

Friends is probably the most popular sitcom that’s ever graced our TV screens, like… ever. And it's safe to say that here at heat hq, we've been invested in the show for about as long as we can remember.

Yup, after watching all the series' again and again, we feel like we've got a personal connection with all of the characters, we can recite half of the episodes by heart, and we've even categorised the series from best to worst in our heads (season 3 was a good'n FYI).

But there are some Friends fans who take their obsession with the sitcom to a whole new level…

For ages we were most gobsmacked by that one super-fan who watched every episode of the show and worked out how much coffee the characters drank, however now a couple of eagle-eyed Friends fans have shocked us even more by announcing their fan theory about Rachel Green.

And we don't know what to think, tbh.

The theory started after one fan took to Twitter to question why all the Friends characters had their eyes shut on the front of the season 4 DVD, apart from Rachel.

Another Twitter user replied: "Here is my theory, Rachel Green had a dream on the eve of her wedding day. She didn't want to marry Barry, so she had a major anxiety dream.

"She created a fantasy in her mind and the five other Friends characters as a way to escape her spoilt, trapped future life. And also the trauma of her getting married the next day.

"This cover is her partially waking up from her dream at 5am on the morning of her wedding day. The whole entire series was her anxiety dream."

Hmmm. It kinda makes sense, doesn't it?


Excuse us, we think we need a lie down.

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