Furious Coleen Rooney: ‘How could Wayne be so stupid?’

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Throughout his time in the spotlight, Wayne Rooney has never been that far away from controversy, and it seems, even when he is forced to stay at home, he is still managing to cause a scandal.

Last week, the former England captain found himself under fire after he was at the centre of a row about footballers’ wages, as well as receiving a police caution for breaking the social-distancing rules, while catching up with old teammate Kyle Walker – two days before it was revealed Walker had hosted a party for two sex workers.

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And, understandably, Wayne’s long-suffering wife Coleen – who’s mum to their four sons, Kai, ten, Klay, six, Kit, four, and two-year-old Cass – isn’t impressed.

“Coleen says Wayne is his own worst enemy – he just keeps digging himself into these holes,” our Rooney insider says.

“She is seriously irritated about this latest debacle, which many have seen as a tone-deaf moan about pay cuts during this time of national crisis.

“And, as for Kyle Walker, who clearly would have caused pain and embarrassment for his family – well, she doesn’t want her husband hanging around with him or even talking to him.

Wayne Rooney and Kyle Walker
Wayne and Kyle Walker ©Getty Images

“Wayne is always on his soapbox about how he’s been made a prime target for everything and, to be honest, Coleen is just sick of it. She’s been hearing it for years and she thinks he needs to take responsibility. She feels let down by him again.”

Wayne hit the headlines when he criticised both the Government and the Premier League for suggesting that top players could take a 30 per cent pay cut to help subside the clubs’ non-playing staff.

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Wayne and Coleen Rooney's relationship timeline - SLIDER

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CREDIT: Facebook / coleenrooney

Wayne Rooney Coleen Rooney

Even though they first met at school when they were 12, Wayne and Coleen first started dating after they finished school at the age of 16.

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At just 17 Wayne joined Everton football club and even though they'd only been dating a year Coleen admitted that they had already discussed getting married.At the time she admitted: "We want to spend the rest of our lives together and there's no stronger commitment than getting married."

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The happy couple got engaged in 2003 at a petrol station after Wayne got down on one knee. He asked his childhood sweetheart to spend the rest of their lives together with a £46,500 engagement ring.

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CREDIT: Facebook / coleenrooney


Coleen discovered that Wayne slept with a 48-year-old nan in a brothel back in 2002

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CREDIT: Getty Images


The WAG then defended her fiancé and admitted when he cheated they hadn't slept together yet. She added, "we weren't having that kind of relationship at that stage."

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CREDIT: Getty Images


Wayne and Coleen looked totally loved up at a public event a year before they got married

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CREDIT: Twitter / ColeenRoo


At the age of 22, Wayne and Coleen tied the knot in a church in Italy!

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CREDIT: Getty Images


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CREDIT: Getty Images


2009 – A year after their wedding, the happy couple welcomed their first child Kai into the world

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CREDIT: Getty Images


Just a year after they had their first child it was alleged that while Coleen was pregnant, Wayne cheated with prostitutes Jennifer Thompson and Helen Wood.

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CREDIT: Twitter / ColeenRoo


Even though Coleen and Kai moved out of their family home following the allegations, the married couple put their troubles aside and reunited.

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CREDIT: Getty Images


The happy couple look so adorable with their son Kai while they await the arrival of their second child

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CREDIT: Facebook / coleenrooney


The Rooneys welcomed their second baby into the world – Klay

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


In 2016, the Rooney family welcome baby Kit into the world

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CREDIT: Flynet


During the summer holidays Coleen denied being pregnant after this photo emerged (even though she was)

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CREDIT: Instagram / waynerooney


After denying her pregnancy for weeks the happy couple soon confirmed the exciting news - that they're having their fourth child!

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


It was shortly after the Rooneys announced they're having their fourth child that Wayne was pictured and arrested for drunk driving.

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CREDIT: Getty Images


Things went from bad to worst after it came to light that Wayne was driving Laura Simpson's car. She then spoke out and claimed that they "had a kiss, a hug, some banter, harmless fun".

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


It was then reported that Coleen along with her sons had fled from the family home after revealing her marriage was over.

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


Following the scandal, Wayne received a driving ban for two years following his arrest and Laura appeared on This Morning to deny ever cheating with the footballer.

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


After weeks of speculation around the couples marriage, it appeared that all was forgiven and forgotten as it was reported that the pair were planning on renewing their wedding vows.

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


Coleen then surprised everyone by being totally honest in a Facebook post and admitted that although she's been through a "shit time" she decided to forgive her husband because she wants to "try and continue our marriage and live as a family".

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


In February 2018 the Rooney family got even bigger as the happy couple welcomed their fourth child into the world - baby Cass!Yup. They broke their tradition with names beginning with 'K' but the little is adorable so who cares, ey?

Coleen Rooney and Wayne Rooney24 of 25
CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


The happy couple celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary by sharing a collage of the years they've spent together. Coleen wrote alongside her Instagram snap: "Today we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!!! Time goes so quick.... so many great times together to remember ❤ufe0f "

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CREDIT: Instagram / waynerooney


The footballer also posted a dozen snaps of his wife and wrote alongside the post: "Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today. Amazing memories with @coleen_rooney and lots more to make ❤ufe0f "

wayne rooney coleen
wayne and coleen in 2016 ©Getty Images

Despite many people around the country either losing their jobs or taking big wage cuts, Wayne, 34, said he felt it was unfair for footballers – some of whom earn up to £300,000 a week – to be singled out.

“If the Government approached me to help support nurses financially or buy ventilators, I’d be proud to do so, as long as I knew where the money was going,” Wayne – who now plays for Championship club Derby County – wrote in his newspaper column.

“I’m in a position where I could give something up. Not every footballer is in the same position. Yet suddenly the whole profession has been put on the spot with a demand for 30 per cent pay cuts across the board.

“Why are footballers suddenly the scapegoats? How the past few days have played out is a disgrace.”

wayne coleen rooney
'coleen just hopes wayne can keep his mouth shut' ©Getty Images

He also spoke about a player at Derby, who is on £2,000 a week, and wouldn’t be able to take a pay cut because he still lives with his mum and pays for all of his family. And, while his comments were praised by some, lots of fans felt they were completely out of touch with what’s going on, although it was later revealed Premier League footballers would be donating £3million to the NHS.

And our insider says Coleen, 34, thinks he should have kept quiet, especially because they are both from working-class backgrounds in Liverpool, where lots of people are struggling financially due to the pandemic.

heat magazine
©heat magazine

“Coleen thinks commenting publicly about footballers’ pay was stupid – it’s not that she disagrees with him, but she knows that you have to be mindful of the public mood with these things,” we’re told.

“Some people feel he’s made an idiot of himself and she thinks he could have found a way to express himself in a different way. He also should have known the reaction it would get, and how it would be picked up.”

The insider continues, “Coleen has so much respect for the NHS, and she also has friends with family who are key workers and knows the worry they face as they have to go do their jobs.

“She’s aware how Wayne’s comments sound to them – and to all the people who have lost their jobs, incomes and businesses because of this. Coleen and Wayne are the lucky ones, and instead he’s talking about them being scapegoats. It’s made a lot of people angry, especially from their hometown.”

To make matters worse, Wayne was also given a police caution for breaking the lockdown rules after he was spotted by officers talking to his former England teammate Kyle Walker.

Wayne had taken two of his four sons to Prestbury golf course – which is near his Cheshire mansion – for an evening walk when he bumped into neighbour Kyle, with his ex-partner and their three sons.

A source said, “Their kids go to the same school and spotted each other and understandably ran over. The families stopped to talk when all of a sudden, the police swooped on them. It was all totally innocent and not deliberate.”

After their chance meeting it was revealed Kyle had hosted a £2,000 party at his flat with a friend and two sex workers several days before, despite telling fans to stay at home to save lives. And Wayne’s association with Kyle has left Coleen feeling uneasy because of her husband’s own history with sex workers.

When he was 16 – at the beginning of his relationship with Coleen – Wayne paid for sex at a local brothel, and when Coleen was pregnant with Kai, it was claimed he had enjoyed threesomes with two former escorts Jenny Thompson and Helen Wood.

helen wood
Helen Wood in 2016 ©Getty Images

Coleen forgave him and despite yet more misdemeanours – including being arrested for drink driving after taking home party-girl Laura Simpson while Coleen was pregnant with Cass, and getting himself locked in a police cell for being drunk and disorderly at an airport – they have been working hard to get their marriage on track.

However, the situation with Kyle has left Coleen fuming at Wayne again, as he seems to keep getting dragged into this type of scandal.

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Coleen Rooney: 'This isn’t the future I want for my kids'

Wayne Rooney's birthday surprise for Coleen

Coleen Rooney’s baby dilemma

“Kyle has apparently asked Wayne for advice on how to handle the situation, which has left Coleen furious,” our source says.

“She doesn’t want him anywhere near Kyle. It was pure coincidence they bumped into each other, but she’s warned Wayne not to meet him. She just doesn’t want Wayne to be a part of that footballers’ world where wild partying and seeing other women is normalised.”

The insider continues, “He’s not drinking at the moment, and that’s the most important thing. And, given the situation, he won’t be out and tempted to party or anything. She just hopes he gets back on track soon, as things had been getting better.”

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