G’day mate Peter Andre’s only gone and done an Iceland advert mate



by Joel Golby |
Published on

Family Man™ and Mysterious Girl-er Peter Andre has debuted in a new advert for Iceland — and guess what, it’s actually really good. Well, ‘not terrible’.

You’re thinking: how can an Iceland video be good? Is it not just Kerry Katona exploding out of a Ferrero Rocher-style pile of prawn rings? Is it not Stacey Solomon barking at a gateaux? And in answer to your questions: no, that was the old Iceland.

The new Iceland sees Peter Andre marvel at the price of peas (“Cor blimey mate 89p for double-grade A peas mate?” he says. “Picked and frozen within two-and-a-half hours g’day? Amazing! I love my kids!”), lose his mind over a thin ‘n’ crispy pizza and, finally, call the police over the price of some crinkle cut chips. Anyway, here’s the video:

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