Gabby Allen feels SORRY for CBB co-star Roxanne Pallett over Ryan Thomas punch claims

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |

A short while ago, Roxanne Pallett found herself at the centre of a massive scandal after claiming that Ryan Thomas punched her on Celebrity Big Brother.

Roxanne had demanded that contestant Ryan be removed from the show after claiming he "assaulted" her. Footage of the 'punch' showed Ryan jokily punching the air around Roxanne - and it was this that led to a public outcry, with many people taking Ryan's side in the row.

Now, reality star Gabby Allen, who shared a house with both Roxanne and Ryan on this year's CBB, has shared her thoughts on 'punchgate'.

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Speaking to Daily Star, Gabby said: “I believe Roxanne actually believed what she was saying was true. I just think her perspective was blurred in a massive way. I don’t think she did it with any malice or anything.

“I do feel sorry for her as I don’t believe it was done in a nasty way. It has ruined her life. It is such a massive thing."

She added, “You have to grow the biggest balls ever to come back from that. I think I would just go to Madagascar if I was her.”

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Gabby Allen and Dan Osborne
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Gabby Allen and Dan Osborne come face to face

The pair met for the first time since THOSE cheating allegations. It was an awkes moment, especially as we know Dan's wife Jacqueline Jossa was probably watching them like a hawk at home. They seemed weirdly polite but we could cut the tension with a knife.

Since the event, Roxanne has hardly been spotted out in public and has gone off the radar on social media. Speaking about this, Gabby said: “Roxanne’s not been in contact with anyone - she hasn’t reached out.

“When she left she loved one of my sequinned jackets and I didn’t know what had happened so I put it in her suitcase, hopefully that is a little bit of a comfort as it is s***."

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When in the CBB house, Gabby admitted that her and her fellow housemates were sheltered from news from the outside world. “In the house we were kind of protected as we didn’t know about the outside world.

“Being in there we had to just trust our instincts.

“We all knew that Ryan was a good guy but everything in there is so heightened, so even though what happened was so big, we thought we had to take everything with a pinch of salt."

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