Love Island’s Gabby Allen’s mum speaks to heat about how much she lurves Marcel

Us too, Gabby’s mum

gabby and marcel

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Our Love Island obsession is reaching worrying levels, and we basically spend every waking moment watching / talking about / dreaming about the show.

Undoubtedly one of our fave aspects of the whole thing is Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville, who are firm favourites to win the show and just a perfect couple in every way.

gabby and marcel

heat caught up with Gabby’s mum, Paula Allen, to see what she makes of her daughte’r new beau.

Gabby has admitted to feeling low about her looks. Did Marcel do a good job in reassuring her?

Definitely. The way he dealt with her having a meltdown proved that he’s really mature. You can see there is a huge bond there; I think they’re so well-suited. He’s bright enough to understand her insecurities - she’s really found herself a gem.

Is she ready for a serious relationship?

Yes, she’s 25 and I’m always telling her to date somebody older. Marcel is 31, so hopefully he’s ready to commit to a proper relationship, which Gabby really wants and needs. Working in London can be a lonely place and all her friends are in relationships. Marcel’s come along saying all the right things. I just can’t wait for them to come out and have a proper relationship.

gabby and marcel
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And you’ve already made friends with the in-laws!

Yes, Gabby and Marcel will be gobsmacked when they come out! Marcel’s mum Corleta and I text every day. You can see where he gets his good qualities from, she’s lovely. That’s it for me – I want a wedding.

Read the full interview with Gabby’s mum in this week’s heat mag – OUT NOW!

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