GALLERY: Amanda Holden’s plastic surgery timeline – before and after giving up the Botox

Apparently Amanda Holden is a MILF and is kind of embarrassed by it.


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Amanda Holden has returned for Britain’s Got Talent and admitted now she’s stopped the Botox she’s getting more ‘young’ male attention.

Amanda stated that she gave up Botox following a difficult birth to her daughter, Hollie, two years ago.

She told the Mirror: “Along the lines of Kylie when she had cancer, I gave it up after Hollie. For the last three years I haven’t bothered, and have instead been having Collagen Wave facials by a wonderful lady called Nilam Patel. It’s done amazing things to my face.”

It appears Amanda has also sacked her previous stylists, although she remains friends with them.

“I’ve had a lot of positive comments over the past year,” she said.

“I now have a new stylist, and new hair and make-up people. Every now and then it’s good to have a cabinet reshuffle and, similarly, I’ve had a bit of a wardrobe reshuffle.

“I hate saying that, though, because my old team were great and are still my friends. But for whatever reason, I’m getting a lot more comments about my appearance. It is really flattering.

“Embarrassingly, I’ve had lots of MILF comments… God, I feel really uncomfortable saying that! But I let myself down every time it happens.

“One of The X Factor’s Stereo Kicks said something flirty the other day, and I replied by telling him: ‘I could literally be your mother’, in a really sort of nervous/embarrassed/awkward way. I seem to want to slam all that kind of stuff down.”

The 43-year-old also admits it’s “running and a bit of yoga” that keeps her fit when she finds the time.

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