GALLERY: Justin Timberlake looks well awkward at Rihanna and Travis Scott’s PDA

We are going to be laughing at these pics for days...

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by Maria Vallahis |
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Justin Timberlake was casually chatting to Rihanna at New York Fashion Week and BOOM Texan rapper (and RiRi's rumoured new fling) Travis Scott starts hugging and kissing Rihanna's neck.

JT looked awkward - to say the least - which made for our amusement.

The seriously LOL snaps come after the rumours about RiRi and Travis (real name Jacques Webster) are heating up.

The *Bitch Better Have My Money *singer recently went and supported the 23-year-old rapper at a gig, while the pair were spotted partying together at NYFW.

Oh and of course, although the couple haven't confirmed any sort of "relationship" these pictures may confirm something (poor JT)...


Justin Timberlake looks well awkward at Rihanna and Travis Scott's PDA

Now the story, as narrated by Justin Timberlake...1 of 8

Now the story, as narrated by Justin Timberlake...

Erm, Ri? I'm here!

rexfeatures_5065071f2 of 8


Travis about to go in for a Ri-cuddle.

rexfeatures_5065071h3 of 8


Justin then strangles Rihanna for ignoring him.

rexfeatures_5065071n4 of 8


So awkward.

rexfeatures_5065071p5 of 8


Helloooo, Rihanna? I'm talking to you too you know?

rexfeatures_5065071r6 of 8


I'm still here you know, Rihanna?

rexfeatures_5065071x7 of 8


OK, whatever, BYE Rihanna. We're not friends anymore.

rexfeatures_5080024l8 of 8


RIHANNA! Can you even see what I'm showing you on my phone through your shades?

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