Game of Thrones is coming… to an underground vault near you

Want to party Game of Thrones style? Then you need Rave of Thrones, says Hodor

Jon Snow

by Lisa Howells |

How much do YOU love Game Of Thrones? Enough to bingewatch a whole season in a day (as heat did this very weekend) or actually dress up as Jon Snow for a night of raving?

If the answer is the latter, you can join the show’s very own Hodor – aka DJ Kristian Nairn – as he spins the tunes at Rave Of Thrones, which sees an unassuming part of London transformed into actual Westeros – with the promise of some super-secret special guests (we're taking that to mean the Game Of Thrones cast, FYI).

We asked Kristian what you can expect (as well as trying to pry some GOT Season 6 secrets out of him…)

Kristian Nairn
Kristian NOT Hodor

What kind of people go to Rave of Thrones?

"It depends, and changes a lot from city to city and country to country. Recently, as the word and reputation has grown, it’s a mix of show fans and music fans, which is what I was aiming for. It's a really nice bunch of people and they have a lot of fun."

Who goes for it hardest on the night – the Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters or White Walkers?

"I've noticed that if anyone has gone to the bother of fully dressing as a White Walker, they are going to be partying pretty damn hard. The Stark outfits are a bit furry to be successful clubwear, though…"

What in all of Westeros should we be wearing?

"Avoid fur – it’s too hot and smelly by the end of the night. Maybe find yourself a floaty Targaryen gown or Cersei-esque dress. Or perhaps an Unsullied outfit, if you’re into a bit of bondage!"

Will Hodor be taking requests and what sort of music can we expect?

"I won't be taking requests. I made that decision VERY early in my career that I wasn't going down that road, and if I can't figure out what to play to make an audience happy, I wouldn't be very good at my job. You can expect house music in a few different variations."

Can we pay to be carried around on Hodor’s back if our shoes start pinching?

"I usually say no, but I guess the reality is I may not have a choice on the night!"

Are GOT fans generally well-behaved or do you have to fend them off with a stick?

"The Brit fans tend to be quite respectful and mature. Without naming anyone, there have been a few places I have been to where I thought, 'This is it, this is where I die', but we always manage to get through."

Game of Thrones
Rave on

How excited are you about GOT Season 6 finally airing next month?

"It's always exciting to see something you work hard on going out to the public reaction, and because they are so hungry for it, it makes it doubly so."

Ian McShane just summed up the whole epic that is GOT in the quite brilliant "It's tits and dragons!" – how would you sum up GOT as a whole?

"He forgot about something very important – death. It is tits, dragons and death. Think about mafia families all competing for one throne, add in some magic and fantasy and there you have it."


"Oh come on! Only a few weeks to go…"

Rave Of Thrones is happening on Sunday 27 March from 9pm to 4am at Bankside Vaults, London Bridge. Feat. DJ sets from Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and 'special guests' TBA. Click here for tickets.

Game Of Thrones returns to HBO on Sunday 24 April


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