The five best fan theories for Game Of Thrones season six

If you haven't caught up yet, then obviously this contains spoilers

game of thrones season six

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Season five of Game of Thrones was an absolute belter, and has thrown up more fan theories than you'd care to throw a sign saying 'Jon Snow Isn't Dead' at. Look, we said there'd be spoilers for anyone who isn't up to date so don't blame us. Blame yourself for not binge-watching it all the first night it came out like the cool people do.

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Anyway, as with all excellent TV shows, there are some excellent fan theories to match. Some of them are a little more out there than others, but all are steeped in some sort of logic.

Here are five of our favourites...

Jon Snow isn't dead

game of thrones season six

There's an idea that Robb Stark (rest in peace) actually legitimised Jon, meaning he isn't actually a bastard and that everyone in the North knows this but it's kept a secret. It obviously hinges on Jon being kept alive in this new season - something that is staunchly dividing GoT fans the world over. We wouldn't be surprised if an actual war breaks out, actually, but with snowballs. Because his last name is Snow.

Anyway, if Jon isn't a bastard then he is indeed the heir of Winterfell and might just be able to unite the Seven Kingdoms. While this theory is based more on the books than the TV show, it draws on the fact that the Umbers, Glovers and Mormonts have got ever closer to Stannis Baratheon's people and Roose Bolton's (the other big Northern player), only to turn them against each other. The idea is that, once a winner is decided, they'll be so weak and warred-out that the northerners can dominate them and put Jon Snow in charge.

Obviously not if he's dead, though.

**Walder is the key **

game of thrones season six

Remember the big guy who can only say "Hodor" and carries people around on his back? Fans are convinced he's crucial to the upcoming series, especially considering how little attention his storyline got in season five. As in, none. Almost as if the producers were clearing the way for a Hodor hoe-down.

Theories for Walder/Hodor include that he's the god of the White Walkers. Or that he's just a bit melted by a dodgy childhood warg session with Bran. Which is a less nice theory. Either way it'd better be something impressive - we've missed the big guy.

**Cersei Lannister will be killed by her son **

game of thrones season six

Yep, there's an interesting theory that cute little King Tommen will go full-Joffrey, succumb to his inbred madness, and kill his mum. It stems from a scene in the fourth book where a fortune teller called Maggy the Frog (!) tells Cersei: "Queen you shall be... until there comes another, younger and more beautiful... to cast you down and take all that you hold dear."

So far, so Margery-and-Sansa-Stark-hating good. But as Cersei is meaner and meaner to Margery in the TV show, Tommen is more and more upset with his mother. But when Maggy the Frog (??!) adds: "And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you" you can't help thinking it might be Tommen. Except 'valonqar' roughly translates to 'little brother', which implies Tyrion...

Wait! Maggy the Frog (seriously) says 'the valonqar' not 'YOUR valonqar' and who is the little brother? Tommen.

If we were him, and lived in a medieval-style world of fantasy, we'd do it. Go on Tommen. Take one for the viewing figur- sorry- team.

**Ramsay 'giant prick' Bolton is actually a hero **

game of thrones season six

Melisandre aka The Red Woman (the one who gave birth to a smoke baby and gets her boobs out every time she speaks) has been obsessed with Stannis Baratheon being the hero Azor Ahai reincarnate, but Stannis got stabbed after screwing up bigtime. It's clear she's lost faith in that idea, so who did her Lord (the mysterious Lord of Light) mean, then?

Ugh, we'd hate it if this one was true, but while a lot of fans believe Jon Snow is the actual reincarnated hero due to his sketchy lineage, prophetic dreams and fit face, it's more likely it's Ramsay. Ramsay who loves torturing, raping and being a generally awful human.

Why? Because he's basically spent the last few seasons being built up, and built up as this gigantic prick, literally torturing the sanity out of Theon Greyjoy - for what? Just as a device for Theon to stand up to? Unlikely.

And, let's face it, wouldn't it be a huge kick in the face if it turned out to be Ramsay? The sort of twist that fits a show like Game of Thrones perfectly.

**That Samwell guy is a Targeryon **

game of thrones season six

In the books, Daenerys Targeryon had a vision where she saw "A blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice, filling the air with sweetness". Basically, another Targaryon that we all presumed was Jon Snow. Again, because everyone's goddamn obsessed with that guy.

But wouldn't it be cooler if it referred to his fat mate Samwell Tarly who just wants to stay in a library for the rest of his life? We know his dad refused to make him an heir - but was that because of his love of books, or because he isn't a Tarly?

Plus, at the end of season five, Sam went to the Citadel to learn how to be a Maester (wise man, basically). Knowledge and lineage would be a powerful combo...

If any of these theories come true, the drinks are on us guys.

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