Games of Thrones star Kit Harington admits he nearly died for real while filming Spooks

Oh dear.


by Maria Vallahis |
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Let's not even talk about Kit Harington as the Game Of Thrones actor. Sobs

But let's take Kit Harington as one of the lead actors in the movie version of Spooks.

Kit admitted he almost died while performing a start during filming and told The Sun he was very, almost, nearly seriously injured.

He told the newspaper: "I wasn’t meant to go through that wall. That was a mistake. It worked brilliantly on film but it hurt like hell. If you slow it right down you can see me lose consciousness for a second.’

Kit added: "After the initial panic everyone went 'Great shot!' But at first it was a bit worrying – you might have killed your lead actor."

Momentarily everyone on set was in a bit of shock before breathing a sigh of relief.

On Sunday night James Corden admitted he feels bad for grilling Kit on his late show about GoT.

James poked fun and asked the man who plays Jon Snow: “Who is going to die on Sunday?”

Kit seems a bit visibly uncomfortable and repeats: “It’s a brutal finale. It’s dark. It’s going to be eventful, it’s going to be shocking – I can’t tell you who dies. I can tell you there will be death.”

An oblivious James obvs pushed harder for an answer. This is the man who got Mila Kunis to admit she was engaged to Ashton Kutcher.

James insisted: “You can! “You can though, they’re not going to sack you! You’re like right in the core of it!” AWKWARD.

After viewing the clip James changed his tune and felt bad. He said: “How awful am I in that interview that I couldn’t pick up on the signs!”


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